Loki Picture

Loki (or Loke, whatever have you; in Sweden it's Loke) is marching towards Ragnarok, and his own destiny. He succumbed to the dark side after being released from his long imprisonment underground.
Behind him two of his children, the Fenris Wolf (Fenrir) and the Midgard Serpent, Jörmungand.
The battle is just about to begin.

I had some trouble getting his scars right. And getting the snake right as well, which is pretty darn obvious. I know Jörmungand is not exactly supposed to look like that, but given the fact that this is mythology, I figure I can draw it how I feel like. It's unlikely someone would find proof on how it really looked like anyway, considering the fact that Ragnarok is long since passed and over, and everyone involved in it are really dead.
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