Freki: One of the first Wolves Picture

Okay, this is SERIOUSLY the most adorable picture of this little guy you're ever gonna see! Um... at least for now... There might be more...
Well, this is yet another of the many characters to be in the Neo-Norse Mythology thing, and he will NOT be the last!!

Sorry! Well, this is Freki. I've given up onnaming the characters now, at least until I get together wih the author of the story (I'm just your humble illustrator...). Hm, well, Freki technically isn't even a real "God", but he travels with Odin(whose complete design has changed, figuratively speaking) and Geri(you'll see him later).

Hm, way I figure it, he's about 6'2"-ish, so that's waht, 192cm, right? Well, no matter, I just feel like typing alot, now, if you'll excuse me, I'm going to go and subit the rest of my pictures^^

This particular unamed Freki(c)me
The real Freki(c)Norse Mythology

(do I even have to put down the copyright NorseMythology?O_o)
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