Maeve Ingram WIP Picture

♔ General Information ♔

Name: Maeve Ingram
Nickname: Avie
Occupation: None - High School Student
Gender: Female
Age: 17 years
Species: Naiad - Eleinomae

"The Eleinomae were marsh naiads in ancient Greek mythology. Aside from living in marshy environments, the Eleinomae often misled travelers with their illusions. The illusions constituted images of a traveler's loved ones. These nymphs also lured young, virgin boys and seduced them with their beauty."

♔ Appearance ♔

Lengthy Description: A petite girl of fair skin, a smattering of freckles across her nose and cheeks. She is dainty, with long, thin fingers and angular limbs. Her hair is naturally of a pale, silvery blonde shade, but she has dyed it a light brown. Hair hangs long, partially shaved in an undercut. Bangs fall across her face when not tied back. Her eyes are sharp and flinty, heavily-lidded, often showing a mixture of boredom and annoyance. She has a small, pointed nose, and a wide mouth.
Brief Description: A short, pale girl with light brown hair and grey eyes.
Height: 5'2"
Weight: 105 lbs.

♔ Birth ♔

Date: December 8, 1996
Sign: Sagittarius
Parents: Maritza Ingram (née Loris; 48) x Alger Ingram (46)
Siblings: Harbin Ingram (21), Piaf Ingram (12)
Heritage: Greek & English / American

♔ Personality ♔

[ generous ] [ altruistic ] [ fearless ] [ self-reliant ] [ nature-lover ] [ overly-confident ] [ blunt ] [ brash ] [ inconsistent ] [ impatient ]

[ + ] generous - Maeve is an unwaveringly generous person, willing to give whatever it takes to make those she cares about happy.

[ + ] altruistic - She has a strong desire to help others, and is a staunch supporter of the underdog. If someone is in trouble, she'll stick her neck out for them.

[ + ] fearless - Maeve is a very passionate person, someone who is willing to risk it all if she likes the possible result enough. She has fears, just as anyone does, but forces herself to act in spite of them, for she knows what it feels like to be weighed down by anxieties.

[ + ] self-reliant - Growing up, Maeve was very reliant on her older brother, but now that he's left home, she has to rely solely on herself. She knows that her sister depends on her as well, and is strong as stone when it comes to taking care of Pia and herself.

[ / ] nature-lover - Maeve's species has a lot to do with the tranquility that she finds in being surrounded by nature, and just being outside for a few minutes can improve her mood dramatically. Her bedroom is lavished with plants and animals, the window thrown open in nearly all weather.

[ - ] overly-confident - Perhaps a side-effect of her brother's constant love, Maeve is an incredibly confident person. She always tries to put her best foot forward, and can come across as quite a bit full of herself if she isn't careful. While her confidence does waver from time to time, she's very comfortable in her own skin.

[ - ] blunt - Maeve is horrible at keeping secrets, and doesn't have much of a filter. Her words can be brutally honest, but she never truly intends to hurt those she cares about with her spade-like sentences.

[ - ] brash - While she has a good heart, Maeve often acts quickly, without considering the consequences. Her confidence can be twisted into rudeness, making her rather unpleasant to be around at times.

[ - ] inconsistent - Maeve may be loving, and extremely supportive, but she's hardly someone you'll grow comfortable being around. As soon as you start to expect her to be late, she'll start showing up early. Strongly ruled by her emotions, she does what feels right in the moment, and is highly unpredictable.

[ - ] impatient - As much as she tries to be patient, Maeve cannot stand to be left waiting. She knows that it's a wonderful virtue to have, but her attention span isn't the greatest, and once she becomes bored, her mind starts to wander. She grows frustrated when others don't act quickly enough, and can be quite annoying in her complaints.

♔ History ♔

Growing up, Maeve was a very shy child. She clung to her mother's skirts, and tugged on her father's leg, hopeful that a reassuring hand would drop into reach. Her parents coddled her as best as they could, but it was her older brother, Harbin, who ended up having the biggest impact on her young life.

Harbin would walk her to class every day, giving her a reassuring smile (and eventually a wink, when he learned how to) before leaving her. He would be back at her side come recess, kissing skinned knees and inviting her to play games with his own friends.

During her early years, all that Maeve wanted to do was slip into the shadows, but her paleness, the thin silvery hair that draped over her shoulders, caused everyone to look at her rather than past her. Maeve figured that there must be something wrong with her, never questioning if they looked at her for a good reason. There was something in the way that they looked at her which scared the young girl, and one day her mother found her in the bathroom, silver locks scattered at her feet.

Maeve was quite proud of her short hair, but her mother was aghast. She polished off the haircut, and hid the scissors out of reach, but Maeve's hair didn't grow past her chin for years.

When she was five, the happy dynamic that she had with Harbin was shifted by the birth of their sister, Piaf.

Piaf was a small girl with the thick, red-brown hair of their father, and the milk-white skin of their mother. Maeve was immediately jealous of the baby, and glared at her for the first months of her life. When little Pia, as the siblings called her, began to speak, everything changed. She was no longer just an image to be envied, but a full personality, sweet as sugar with a small chirping voice. She sang often, and sounded like an angel.

When she was ten, her brother fourteen, the boy refused to continue cutting her hair.

"You can't cut it off your entire life, Avie," he murmured, patting her on the shoulder.

"They all stare at me, Harbin! It's not fair, I wish that I had your hair," she pouted, reaching up to twirl his ruddy locks between her fingers.

"Well, I wish that I had your hair, little bird," he bent to kiss her brow, retrieving her favorite book from the shelf.

"Now, let's see how Scout is faring in that dress, huh?"

Maeve put on a small smile, snuggling into her blankets as her brother began to read.

As the siblings grew older, Maeve saw a childish innocence in Pia, like that she had once possessed, and swore to keep her sister from growing as painfully shy as she had been. She showered her sister in compliments, and the girl grew confident.

In an effort to boost her own confidence, Maeve dyed her growing hair a sandy brown shade, something that allowed her to grow into more than just a pretty face, and gave the peace from the near-constant looks. She knew by now that they weren't meant to be hurtful, but those who eyes her all had the same envy, the same idolization in their gazes, and it hadn't stopped eating away at her.

As her sister began to grow older, Maeve realized just how much her brother had given up in order to see her safe and happy. A warm feeling surged through her chest, and she knew that Harbin would always love her.

Maritza and Alger Ingram had always been quiet parents, and the family was in a near-constant state of peace. Their relatively detached style of parenting worked well enough until Maeve's fourteenth year, when her brother was getting ready to go to college.

It was the only time she remembered seeing him scared, this boy who had practically raised her.

"Avie, remember how I told you that I would love you no matter what?" His smile was tentative, and fear began to curl inside the girl's belly.

"Yeah, I remember," her voice was timid, a trait that she thought she had left behind long ago.

"Do you remember that I said the same?" She gave her brother a light kiss on the cheek, and it tasted of salt.


The boy let out a choked sob, shoulders jerking.

"Harbin, you're scaring me!" She pulled at his chin, lifting his head so that she could peer into his eyes.

"I told them. I told him, Avie, and they hate me."

He wouldn't stop shaking, tears staining his cheeks.

"Told them what?" Her eyes stretched wide with fear. What could he have done?

"I . . ."

"No matter what, Harbin," she said the words firmly, brushing his tears away with her thumb.

"I'm gay," he said the words, and they were barely a whisper.

She stood, stiff as stone, brow furrowing.

Harbin likes boys?

The boy bowed his head, not daring to look towards his sister.

They hate him?

Well, then I hate them.

She felt her throat tightening, tears coming to her eyes as she embraced her brother.

"It's okay, Harbin, I like boys too," she whispered, pressing her lips to his cheek.

With her brother gone, Maeve grew even more attached to her little sister, fixing her parents with death glares whenever they looked at her.

They did that to my brother; they won't hurt my sister like that.

When she was sixteen, she got half of her hair shaved off, and she would be lying if she said it didn't feel good to see her parent's reactions.

Maeve became blunt, brash, unafraid to speak her mins. She visited her brother, who had transferred back home, as often as possible, even bringing little Pia along a few times.

♔ Sexual Information ♔
Orientation: Bisexual
Relationship Status: Single
Lover: --
Crushes: --
Experiences: --

♔ Additional Information ♔

[ Likes & Dislikes ]
- Maeve's favorite colors are pale, pastel shades
- She has a huge sweet tooth
- Maeve grows uncomfortable when put on the spot
- She holds grudges like no other
- Maeve is a huge fan of film, and hopes to get into the business someday
- She loves the taste of coffee, and can't stand tea

[ Talents & Fears ]
- Maeve is a talented writer, though she seldom says so
- She's a great swimmer, and loves being around water
- Maeve is terrified of losing those she loves

[ Misc. ]
- Her brother, Harbin, read her the original version of To Kill A Mockingbird that she started to get bored of it, so the boy started rewriting parts of the book on his own, slipping pieces of paper in the book so that he could read the words as if they had been written by Harper Lee herself.
- In order to boost his sister's confidence, Harbin had Maeve act out parts of the book with him. Maeve became Scout, and he pretended to be Jem. She was stiff and uncomfortable at first, but eventually the playtime did exactly what Harbin had hoped it would. When he checked the movie out of the library, the two watched it from the confines of a pillow fort, and Maeve grinned from ear to ear.
- Maeve loves to make flower crowns for Pia, who looks absolutely darling in them.

[ Stats ]

Strength: 1/5
Speed: 3/5
Defense: 1/5
Dexterity: 3/5
Intelligence: 4/5
Charisma: 5/5

Weapons & Abilities: Maeve is not a particularly good fighter, having little skill in hand-to-hand combat, and zero experience with handguns. Her weapon of choice is a bow and arrow; though she would rather things never come to blows. She preys upon the emotions of her enemies by creating mirages of their loved ones, stitching their faces with pain. She can be very charismatic; something about her just draws the eye. She has a particularly strong affect on those of the opposite sex, given her species. She is swift in spurts, but has very low endurance.

[ Playlist ]

[ RP ? ]
Where: Notes & skype -- just ask! c:
Example: [ with EmberMuse in CityThatCareForgot ] Katriel sat in the corner of the bar, slouching into a leather club chair as she stared at her drink. Perspiration ran down the brown glass as she sat upright, reaching out for the bottle. Like fire in her belly, the drink gave her a confidence she lacked whilst sober. The fair-haired girl looked around then, narrowing her eyes when she spotted the exorcist. He stood out plainly in the crowd of scantily-clad patrons, in that hoodie marked with devil's traps. And if I've seen him, he's undoubtedly notices me, she realized, the corner of her mouth twitching as she reconsidered her situation. After a solid minute of staring at his back, the petite girl slipped from her chair, giving the beer a glance before deserting. She made her way slowly, almost silently, to the man's side. Once there, she sucked in a breath, leaning against the back of a barstool as she looked over his scarred face. He's handsome, she thought hopefully, a timid smile on her lips.

[ Relationships ]

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