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Biographical Information

Full Name – Kyle Walter Buchanan (K-I’ll Wall-tur Byou-can-on)
Meaning – (narrow, straight)(ruler of the army) (house for the cannon)
Set Age - 16
Certified Birthdate – May 23rd
Astrological Sign - Gemini
Gender - Male


Distant Descendants :
Dominant Descendants :

Physical Description

Hair Color – Dark Brown
Eye Color – Dark Brown
Weight – 145
Height – 5’8
Typical Clothing Wear : Bullworth Sweater. Does not belong to any clique and is against “Choosing Sides.”

Figure/Build – slim/gangly

Personal Information

Current Living Arrangements - The Boys Dorm
Originated from - Massachusetts
Traveled Territories – New York, United Kingdom
Hobbies - Daydreaming, Photography, going to the Carnival, walking/exploring
Fears – Dying, News Broadcasts, Rats, Wolf Howls

Religion/Beliefs – Agnostic

Why?: People tend to take beliefs or scriptures too seriously

Health Behaviors

Physical Ailments/ Disabilities/ Issues – Easily Paranoid, and has trouble Sitting still.
If especially nervous, will stutter semi-frequently.
Addiction(s): Obsessed with staring and sometimes stalking.
Why? : Never was told “Don’t stare.”
Chronological Information

Profession –Bullworth Student.
Likes – Photography, starting off into space or at other people, scenery, good looking guys.
Dislikes – The Bathrooms and Locker Rooms at Bullworth, Water on the premises, Chocolate, fighting.

Goals/Ambitions – Capturing life exactly as it is, using the remarkable invention, the camera.
Meet someone special who can help make his fears and insecurities obsolete.

Most Instructive/Painful/Memorable Experience – Receiving his first Swirly
Story behind experience:

The first day of attending Bullworth Academy; Lunchtime. Kyle decides he needs to use the restroom before putting his things in his locker. Three Jocks (Kirby, Damon and Casey)
Are using the facilities at the time. The three are standing in front of the stalls, and Kyle tries to get through, but is intercepted by Damon. Without making eye contact, Kyle merely mumbles “Excuse me please..” The three (mostly Damon and Casey) laughed and mocked Kyle. He turns around, only to be grabbed by Casey, and his things taken away by Kirby. Kyle yells at them to leave him alone and backhands Damon in the jaw. Both Damon and Casey grab him and turn him upside down, dragging him into an open stall while Kirby goes to operate the flush valve. Kyle screams hysterically, choking in between flushes.

When Kyle stops struggling, they check to see if they overdid it. When they promptly drop him to the ground, Kyle frantically backs out of the stall on his knees and palms, spitting up water and hyperventilating. He starts to cry, quickly stumbling out of the restroom and tripping while running the other way. The three Jocks just watch, expressions clouded by Kyle’s wet clumps hair and pinched eyelids.

Kyle swore from that day on he would never use the restroom at school nor the fountains after this filthy experience.

Weapons/Equipments – Stink Bombs.
Personal Attributes

Personality – Shy, reserved, civil, normally quiet.
Strengths – Has an eye for photography, despite choosing to be silent he can vocalize very loudly. Can hide easily despite his height, and has commendable memory skills.
Weaknesses – Refuses to set foot in a school restroom. Is pretty clumsy in a Fight or Flight response.
Good Habits – Stays out of the way of others., Is very hygiene oriented,

Neutral Habit: Is not afraid to tell a prefect about two or more individuals fighting.

Bad Habits – Mumbles insults and sarcasm under his breath. Stalks Individuals he likes on rare occasions, and photographs them. Usually doesn’t look at the people he interacts with. (stares at the ground or horizon)

Stereotype -
As you know them better(and you like them) : Kind, talkative, and bright.
As you know them better(and you hate them) : Creeper, freak, mumbler, easy punching bag target.

Ratings on Personal Qualities

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Physical Strength: 6/10
Though he really hates to fight, if it gets him out of the situation, he is strong enough to in inflict some pain. He usually does better in situations with one person.
Attractive : 7/10
Sometimes his hair will be unacceptably messy, and he will be a little ripe if he used a stink bomb or was stink bombed, but he typically like to keep himself clean as he usually cannot work up the courage to confront someone, rather hoping that they will confront him.
Honesty : 8/10
If he is treated kindly, he will be as honest as possible, otherwise he talks trash through the corner of his mouth.
Rule Abiding : 6/10
He hopes to prevent the cruelty of others by being a snitch, and invades the privacy of people he likes.
Sociability : 6/10
Normally keeps to himself, unless a good looking person comes along and confronts him in a nice manner, or feels he just needs to rat someone out.

Bullworth Academy Information

Reason for enrolling: decent priced Academy and has contrasting as well as fascinating scenery.

Room Number – 6
Roommate(s)- Ivan Alexander, Pete Kowalski, Ray Hughes
Favorite Subject(s) – Photography
Least Favorite Subject(s) – Physical Education
Why?: It not only makes him an easy Bully target, but his eyes wander.
Favorite Teacher – Mr. Galloway
Why?: Is glad that some words are not forgotten in his vocabulary. It is easy to forget words that you don’t normally use.
Least Favorite Teacher – Mr. Burton
Why?: Doesn’t stop the harassment of his peers.


(don't go overboard make reasonable stats for your character)
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Language(s) – English
Schooling Level - Sophomore
Expertise – Photography
Chemistry – Midst-high
Math - Midst
English – Midst-High
P.E – Midst
Geography – Midst-Low
Politics/Law – Lowest
Economy - Lowest
Cooking/Culinary - Midst
Shop - Lowest
Botany/Biology - Midst
Mythology - Midst
Art – Midst-High
Photography - Highest
Reading Level – Midst-High

Relationships Statuses

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Trusted Companions

Closest Friend(s) – Pete Kowalski, Ivan Alexander
Friend(s) – Christy Martin Gordon Wakefield

Hated Rivals

Worst Enemies – Damon West, Casey Harris, Almost entire Jock clique.
Intolerable Students – Jocks, Nerds and some of the Bully Clique

Harmless Acquaintances

Tolerated Students – Kirby Olsen(Isn’t a Repeated offender) Greasers, Preps.
Tolerated Townsfolk - None

Hot Encounters

Hinted Attractions – Christy Martin, Pinky Gauthier, Johnny Vincent, Derby Harrington, Gord Vendome, Ricky Puchino, Peanut Romano.
Crush(es) – Tom Gurney, Ivan Alexander, Trent Northwick, Lucky de Luca
Lover(s) – Trent Northwick
Ex(s) – [Off and on] Trent Northwick (He’s such a player)

Extra Information

Eating Habits

Omnivore/Carnivore/Herbivore – Omnivore
Favorite Food(s): Fast food, Pizza, sweet fruits
Favorite Drink(s): Beam Cola, Water that is off school premises
Disliked Food(s): Chocolate, spicy food
Disliked Drink(s): Water on School Premises

Added Information

Proclaimed Theme Song(s) – Look Out, Here Comes Tomorrow – as sung by the Monkees
Scent – Lavender
Favorite Color: Robin’s Egg blue
Favorite Season: Spring
Favorite Animal: The Robin
Favorite Music Genre: Oldies/ New Age

Most Memorable Quote – “People here are such jerks. How do they LIVE with themselves?”

Various Quotes Through Interaction:

Walking around – “I hope humanity at least has SOME redeeming qualities.”

“Where is the nearest Restroom in town?”

“I need to be sure that my Stink Bombs don’t go off in my bag.”

“I wonder if Trent is up for some photo shoots tonight? I wish he’d let me take more pictures of HIM instead of the girls.”

(mumbled) “I think My stink Bombs went off in my bag. Yuck…”

When the fire alarm goes off (after classes) – (mumbled) “Why pull it when there’s no class at the moment?”

Good Terms: “Oh, Uh…Hey.”
“You up for a few snapshots? It’s on me.”
Bad Terms:
“10 bucks a snapshot. Leave me a list and I’ll get around to it. Goodbye.”
“Back off. A Prefect is close by.”
“You sure I’m worth the risk?”

Saying goodbye –
Good Terms: “Until next time, then.”
“I’ll have em ready for you in a day or two. See ya.”
“Well then, I guess this is goodbye.”
Bad Terms: “Trust me, it’s not worth it.”
(mumbled) “Go ahead, take a shot, I dare you.”
(mumbled)”Lay one hand on me and see what happens.”

When Flirted With –
Good Terms: (asking for a present) “When a guy likes another…U-uh… y-you know where I’m going with this right?”
(asking for a present) “I will on the condition that you prove this is a bona fide courtship.”

(accepting the present) “Call me a hopeless romantic, but I think you’ve reached out to me.”

(accepting the present) “Could it be? Yes…you like me don’t you?”

(requesting to make-out) “Y-you know…I… k-kind of like you too.”

(requesting to make-out) “W-would…would you like to come closer?”

(requesting to make-out) “Are you sure about this? We can stop if you want.”

(After Make-Out) “My heart has never beaten so fast before.”

(After Make-Out) “You won’t forget this, will you?”

(After Make-Out) ”Kisses like that only exist in…”

(After Make-Out) “That was…Hey, can we do that again?”
Bad Terms:
“You may want to shower with CLEAN water. You know, NOT water on school grounds.”

“Sorry, but even I have standards.”

(mumbled)“Hey, any idea what stench that was that just blew my way?”
Watching a fight – (goes to a prefect) “Really, people NEVER change.”

(goes to a prefect) “Your record has been too clean for too long.”

Attacking – (doesn’t start fights)




Chasing someone (doesn’t pursue assailants)

Kneed in the groin – (Loud yelp) “WHAT GOES AROUND COMES AROUND!!!!

Knocked out – “You just made the list…”

“Blackmail will be sent…”

Stink bomb explodes – “Ugh! I had just cleaned my clothes out from the last one!”

Opinions on students who reside at Bullworth Academy– (in alphabetical order)
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Angie Ng: She really needs to be seen and not heard.
Christy Martin: SHE REALLY needs to be seen and not heard
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