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Here’s a new OC Pony I’ve been working around to be creating base off another character from BoBoBo-Bo Bo-BoBo: Dark Yasha. I found his techniques almost similar to those that are directly like one that uses powers of the dead, and figured, why not make something of a character that can do that. And so here he is, but as one will see, he won’t be a bad guy, just misunderstood and performing a duty of his. And with him having an element he represents: The Element Of Limbo. So he’ll have moves that will be like a guy that’s from a place like the Underworld, and show a lot of crazy, fun, and scary stuff to almost freak the living daylights out of mortals then just his appearance. He’ll be seen in JusSonic’s MLP: FIM Fanmake story series, so be on the lookout. This character was made by me using Neros Urameshi's Pony Creator which is owned by [link]


Name: Dark Yasha ‘The Warrior Of The Underworld

Voice Actor: Paul St. Peter

Appearance: A built looking pegasus stallion with light purple fur coat, a long drape back mane and medium size tail that are both white color, and light crimson red color eyes. Along with his light purple coat appears to be some dark purple marks all over his body, & he had on deep shade of orange bands on his hooves & legs. What’s interesting to see is his features of him having wings that were that of a bat, and having an emerald mix color of dark to light horns off his head like he was some demonic pony. And on his flank was a strange symbol of a mark with an eye center, as it was likely the symbol of the underworld as his Cutie Mark, and what he is from everything of his appearance alone to not be a normal pony.

Personality: A serious older stallion who is a warrior deep inside, despite his outer appearance that may fool others. Though he does have an aggressive personality when one ticks him off enough. He fights well with a blade, preferring to take up how those that behave during the traditional custom years, something like Japanese culture as his daily living. And as such, he finds those that use weird methods of daily performances, even attacks, to be puzzling, as he’s someone that has lived through a different life-style & does not have much up to times of what is new in Equestria’s pass time of change.


SKILLS: He has skills as a pegasus who is good in flying and which his body has been trained, even to use the arts of the sword. He was soon granted the power to become the new user to the Element Of Limbo, where he would gain abilities to use, control, and manipulate the dead to his every command. And it also granted him to be Semi-Immortality from where his body was now that of a creature of the Underworld. Allowing him to live through the ages as a creature that is half alive and half dead, making even his existence be like a challenge to any fighters that go up against him.

-Undead Manipulation: The power to hold command over the undead. The users of this power can rule both physical and ghostly undead, command the dead souls, condemn them to torment, or steal the souls of dead/dying to increase the the legions of undead.

-Zombie Manipulation: Ability to create & manipulate zombies: The user can create, manipulate and destroy zombies, to work or anything the user wants.

-Necromancy: The power to utilize magic involving the dead, life-force and/or souls. Practitioners of this trade are known as Necromancers. The user's magical abilities revolve around manipulating the dead, death, the life-force and/or souls for good (i.e., resurrecting the dead), evil (in various ways) or neither. Users can also use communicate with the deceased, either by summoning their spirit as an apparition or raising them bodily, for the purpose of divination, imparting the means to foretell future events or discover hidden knowledge. Many practitioners find a way to cheat death one way or another, whether by becoming some form of undead creature or by bypassing their own ability to die.

-Undead Physiology: The ability to use the abilities of an Undead. User with this ability either is or can transform into an undead, corporeal beings in mythology, legend or fiction that are deceased yet behave as if alive. A common example is a corpse re-animated by supernatural forces, by the application of the deceased's own life force or that of another being (such as a demon). Users with this power lack physical weaknesses, such as pain, need to rest, vulnerability to environmental effects, etc, while some still need to consume various substances (blood, flesh, life-force). Being clinically dead, their brains and bodies are immune to most powers that affect living beings.

-Cemetery Empowerment: The power to become more powerful while in a cemetery. Users become stronger, faster, more durable, etc. when they are in cemetery or areas where people are buried, possibly unlocking abilities related to the affinity and enhancing the existing powers. Some users may be able draw sustenance from the cemetery or even slow or stop aging.

-Underworld Lordship: The user has authority and duty in the Underworld, a place where the souls of the all recently departed go, an Afterlife or Realm of the Dead. Exact conditions of the dead vary depending of the pantheon, but every soul comes there and while some may be punished and others rewarded, for the most the Underworld is a place of waiting and either rest or boredom. Users are able to command the dead, and have powers related to life, and death, souls in general as well as power to bind and restrict (dead are expected to stay here after all). Some may have duties and powers related to Death and bringing the souls where they belong. Since Underworld is below earth, many have powers related to earth and minerals, darkness and possibly even vegetation (it grows from the earth after all).

-Hollow Skeleton: The power to have a hollow bone structure. The users bones are hollow, making them lighter, faster and more agile than they appear.

Enhanced Swordsmanship: The ability to be highly proficient in the way of the sword. Users are able to demonstrate a natural aptitude for the ways of the sword. The user is able to wield a sword with great proficiency in speed, power, and skill, allowing them to perform feats such as stopping and deflecting bullets, decimate large objects or areas, cutting through hard materials such as steel, and even hold back their strength to deal damage to their foes without killing them. The user is also able to operate with little or no effort, deliver skillful strikes to weak points with great precision. This ability also allows the users to become naturally skilled with multiple swords or any bladed weapon regardless of shape or size to suit their needs in combat.


Technique: After gaining the power of being the user to the Element Of Limbo, he has various abilities in what’s related to that belong in the underworld; including the ability to create fighting skeletons, manipulate a skull sword or place a special seal that forces an opponent's bones out of their body.

-Skull Sword: He pulls out a sword attached around him, and the sword’s entire blade is that of skeletons. This here is meant to freak others out from wondering how such a sword was even made.

-Bone Snake Meal: The Skull Sword can fire off it’s skeleton skulls to latch onto targets, almost trying to make a meal of them. The sword can regrow new skeletons afterwards for a repeat performance.

-Skeleton Eye: He focuses his aura with eyes shut, then opens them to show red skull images where the eye pupils were. When used, nothing appears to have happened which leaves others to think there is nothing to fear….until they look upwards with a stun shock expression. To find three giant skeleton reapers in light-purple robes before the targets, as they’ll let off horrific battle cry wails to lift their scythes to fire off a rainbow color crescent beam to slice & deal killer damage blows to target.

-Skull Wave: He holds out his hoof or hooves, and shoots a large wave of dark magical underworld energy at the enemy that deals a heavy blow that injuries them. This attack could blast away solid structures to knock anyone behind some walls of other stuff around them away a distance.

-Skull Crest: Plants skull-shaped symbols on the enemy, which removes a moral of the magical energy of the victim to be left weaken with each passing moment.

-Skull Bombardment: He’ll hold out one or two hooves to fire off skeleton heads that are magical bombs, and when they impact, they create an explosion to cause damage or blow up structure areas.

-Curse Skull Head: He summons a crystal skull which he fires it off that whichever it hits, will stay stuck to the target. And while doing so, will act like a curse, inflicting damage to one’s health until either they are down for the count or use a spell to remove the curse.

-Undead Army Calling: He’ll wave up his hooves in the air, and then create a large magic trigram spell circle appear that covers a large field of where he stands. From there, he can summon forth zombie creatures from the earth to his aid; they’ll look like stallions in dark clay brown armor all over their bodies that look rusty, red vain marks seen along with their claymore swords & shields, only red eyes seen from the helmets with only the eye visor seen since the mouth is apart of the helmet. These creatures come in large numbers from a thousand to ten thousand, and they are demonic zombies with brutal strength & wield not only weapons, but command fire in their attacks.

-Banshee Shriek Sword: When exposed to Dark Yasha’s magic energy, his Bone Sword is fueled by the spirits of long-dead demons in order to power its attacks. With it's power, Dark Yasha is capable of summoning the souls of long since past demons, using these as either projectiles or even materializing them into barriers.

-Shrill Call Of The Reaper: By rapidly spinning his sword, a horrible sounding wail is emitted from the Banshee Shriek Sword. Note: According to Dark Yasha, those too weak to resist the song will have their souls stolen.

-Chorus Of A Thousand Skulls: By hitting the ground with the reddening blade of the Banshee Shriek Sword, Dark Yasha can summon hundreds, maybe even thousands of ghoulish spirits of long since dead demons, in order to surround the battle area. They don't discriminate and will destroy anything in their path, though they mainly seem to target weaker demons. Until his training from many long lasting years, he can only guide the skulls to his target if he has a little amount of magic energy. Otherwise, he loses control and they fly out and attack at random. At some battle point with an opponent, he can summon ghoulish spirits through the ghoulish face of the sword.

-Chorus Of Ten Thousand Skulls: After his training had been complete, he learns a more powerful version of his Chorus of a Thousand Skulls technique. To which he can now summon ten thousand ghoulish spirits of long since dead demons, in order to surround the battle area and attack the one focus target(s). Delivering far more greater damage then what a mere thousand could do. Note: This is Dark Yasha’s scariest technique used when only necessary.

-Cage Of Limbo: Dark Yasha uses the Banshee Shriek Sword to create a cage of demon souls to trap his opponent by calling on the screams of the dead. He's able to freely pass through the cage to attack, but his opponent is unable to pass. It is speculated that crossing the threshold will result in instant death.


History Bio: Long ago, there was an old stallion that was on a journey when he left his home from a far off land, where it was custom to wear kimonos, wooden-hoof footwear, and sometimes carrying a sword. Back then, this guy was known as Yasha, he went around, looking, seeking, understanding the world of Equestria. Then one day, he ventured to the scary mitts of the Gates of Tartarus, where he had an unfortunate meeting with Cerberus. The three-headed dog growls and started to chase Yasha, and as he fled, he fell into a strange red pit, and believed he was falling into his doom. But in truth, he was given the chance to return to the living, if he accepts a task to which when he returns, he won’t be normal. Seeing it was either falling for entirety or a risky gamble, Yasha accepted the offer, and found what was apart of the hole he fell in through was actually magical. As that magic wrapped around Yasha, he screamed in terror before an implosion of red light blinded everything. And from the pit, something flew from the hole to land, it was a demonic stallion figure who’s appearance around the body seem between being alive & dead, mane & tail were white, his feather wings were bat-shaped and he had two horns off his forehead. When he came near a mirror, he saw that there it was Yasha himself, but his form was changed, and his Cutie Mark was warped into the symbol of the Underworld. When Yasha wondered these things of what he became, someone from the Underworld came to him, and told him that he was chosen…the the Element Of Limbo, and now lives between two worlds, to help keep watch over things, but most importantly of all, to aid Cerberus in watching the Gates of Tartarus to keep ancient evil from escaping. After learning of how to control his newfound abilities and learning of what new destiny he had acquired, Yasha knew that his old life was changed, and would start anew….and soon started to address himself as Dark Yasha. Over time, a thousand years have pass, much of those that knew Yasha, he seen them head off to the other world. The only friends Dark Yasha has that aren’t afraid of his appearance like the mortal Equestrian Ponies, are those from the Monster Society; from King Kaboomka, the King of all Ghost, and NeoVamde, the Moon-Light Vampire Pony being the only known creatures of the night he’s come to be friends to, and any other average monster around. Dark Yasha even managed to become friends with other dead zombie creatures that he felt some kinda relief to have others to talk to, including the decease Michael Jackstone. The only other creatures that be considered to be around & not leave the world of the living so easily, would be those that are like alicorns, that can live for a long extended of their life.

Bio: Dark Yasha soon began to notice shipments near the evil in Tartarus and that which felt like they were outside, and began to wonder if something was amiss. He went to see the Royal Sisters and meant with the Mane Six, as he explained who he was, and about what has been happening. After getting over how freaky the guy looked, he quickly got an answer, about strong evil forces attacking, and something in which the greatest evil that was the Demon God Grimmore, was involved. Dark Yasha showed a frozen sight, as he explained that those that possess such devastating power could upset the balance even if they were dead & sent to the Underworld, they would be sent to a place that he was told….were there was nothingnessss, and emptiness, a void without any matter, anything at all, a void where those of such evil could be kept at bay for eternity. After gaining some info, Dark Yasha prepares to leave, but not before looking at the Mane Six group, who show different expressions of no longer being afraid of him, and even accept the guy as a pony person then a freak. Dark Yasha smiled before saying that it’s been a long time, since anyone treated him like a real pony then of the walking dead. With that, the guy leaves while saying that if a great battle were to come, he’ll aid in what he can.


Well at last, this next new OC Pony has been completed here for all to see and enjoy. So if your a fan of seeing something that has some scary moves that are closely related to a creature from the Underworld, then this page is page for those that have an interest. Give me some reviews and comments in what you like about this guy, cause I gave him some parts to seem intimidating. Until then, this page will be updated in the future, enjoy….?

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