The Shadow Wars part 31: Salvador Origin Part 6 Picture

Back at the Academy The Masters wondered what happened to Salvador after he got the Gems and teleported out of Animusekai. We then go back 2 months at the moment Salvador,Keeper,The Small man,Tatsuya,Guang-Hei,Andreas,Tlalii and Zuberi return to Animusekai, Salvador then asked how will The Master be saved, with some sort of crystal or spell or something and Keeper told Salvador taking them to the Sanalago. As they carried the Masters to a lake Salvador asked what is Sanalago and the small man told him that Sanalago is known to have amazing healing powers, enoungh healing powers to heal those who wounds are said to be severely damaged. After placing their body into Sanalago, Keeper then asked Salvador when he was in the castle,did he found his daughter but he said that he didn't and he apologize however this made Keeper very disappointed as he thought he could be reunited with daughter. The Small man then asked Salvador about the mirror, in which he present the mirror,covered in a blanket as he remember that if one looked in the mirror the person inside the mirror will become that person, the handed back the medal to them.

Salvador then asked what are they going to do when Necroprinceps returns in 2,000 years, Suddenly the old man appeared and said that the Gems are acting up, turns out that Salvador used too much of the Spirit Aura to power up the medal and now the Gems are out of control. Keeper said can't they just absorb the spirit aura from the but The Small man said that it too dangerous to keep here since Animusekai is surrounded with Spirit aura. The small man then had this idea, first he took the Medal from him, removed the Gems and gave them back to Keeper as he place the Medal in his robe. he told Salvador about this idea; to he told Salvador that It'll take the Gems 1000 years for them to release the extra aura from it and he needs him to go to three specfic location in the north,east and south of earth. and explain what to do.
We then fast forward to see Salvador have began his mission, to hide the 3 Gems into 3 location so that the spirit aura will be release. The first place he head was a dark forest (would later be known as England in 2000 years) there he tried to found a perfect place to hide one, suddenly an axe appeared out of nowhere and nearly chopped Salvador's face and if that wasn't strange enough the Axe floated on it own and flew past Salvador, to return back to the person who threw it.

The owner of one of the axes is a tall dark dress being who wears a red cape, and head is a dark skull. The being named is called Geminoslaminas. He demanded Salvador what is he doing here and Salvador explain that he has an important mission to do but Geminoslaminas told him that no one had ever set one foot on his land and live to tell about it. Geminoslaminas begin the attack by throwing both his Axes to Salvador but he easily dodge them, only to remember that Geminoslaminas can control the axes with his mind. As Salvador continued to dodge the axes, Geminoslaminas decide to end it by using his powerful move; The Speed Cage, in which the axes began to move so fast that Salvador can't see them, he then was being cut by the axes from different directions, As all hope seems last, Salvador use his Spirit aura to increase his speed and not only grabbed one of the axes but knock the second one out of control and hit the ground. Seeing how Salvador now have one of his axes, Geminoslaminas called back his axe, then both of them infused each axe with their own aura (Geminoslaminas showing a dark-like aura on his blade) and began to swing at each other, only to have the other blocking the other with the axe.

To end it both ran towards each other in high speed to see which one will fall first. In a quick second both of them were shown to in the opposite direction of where they stoke, both holding an axe with one arm. As it looked like nothing happened Salvador fell to the ground meaning he losted but suddenly a close up of Geminoslaminas shocked face revealed not only did Salvador won but also had his skull head chopped off. Just then Salvador gotten up, revealing to only having a minor scratch on him. As he walked to see Geminoslaminas decaptioed life-less body, Salvador felt remorse of what he did so he decide something, He summon his spirit aura then place both hands on his chest then the aura surround Geminoslaminas causing him to come back to life, only this time without a head. Geminoslaminas than got up and wondered why did Salvador bring him back to life since he killed him. Salvador said he never wanted to fight him but just looking for a place to hide this gem, Geminoslaminas took the gem and notice the huge amount of spirit aura coming from it and said that he'll protect it since his code state that when someone saved his life, he must repay the debt so he agreed to protect the gem until someone else comes to get it but when he does he must fight them to make sure they are worthing of obtaining it. Salvador then took the crystal and teleported to the next location.

2 mintues laters Salvador found himself in a location (that would later be mexico) near a temple where he was suddenly ambush and knocked out. As his woke up Salvador found himself tied up near the temple on what seems to be like a pedastal, Suddenly three figures approch behind, a young girl,a young man a older man. The older man reveal himself as Kan-U-Uayeyab (48) Leader of this Mayan trible, along with him is Noonsa (22) is daughter and Muluc (19) his sonand next in line to be the tribe lead. Kan-U-Uayeyab then told Salvador (and all of tribe members) that an outsider as entered with sarced land and for punishment, he'll be this sacifie to the dreadly Cucuy. Salvador couldn't believe that the mythological creature actually exist but remembered what his grandfather said, That the Cucuy only captured kids who are bad and Salvador is a man and never have done a bad thing in his life but Muluc explain that this Cucuy is different.
It seems that 13 years ago this Cucuy came to the temple and began to steal all the bad kids and while a few parents tried to stop him, It was revealed that this Cucuy had a strange ability; when you look at his eyes, they turn into glow dark yellow then traps his vicitms ina stage where they face their own fears and while they are trapped, he get away but one day Kan-U-Uayeyab stopped him while facing his own fears and acordding to his own code, the Cucuy must obey the person who is able to face his fear and Kan-U-Uayeyab order him to cease his motive but the Cucuy must capture bad kids because it is his nature and can't stop the Mucluc made a suggested. A few months later 4 traitors was told to approach Kan-U-Uayeyab for their punishment, as they begged not to get THE punishment, Kan-U-Uayeyab then said they will be sacrifice to the deadly Cucuy. in which traps his victims in a stage and while they are trap he eats them.

As Cucuy eyes began to glow Salvador close his eyes, turns out he's develop this new fight style; able to sense anyone with his spirit aura with his eyes closes. So now the punisment have become a battle. Cucuy tried to use his razor sharp claws but thanks to his fight styles he not only dodge the claws but did a sidekick to the left side, followed up with a barrage of jabs to the gut and lastly grabbed his shirt and threw him at a stone wall. As he got up from the rubble, The Cucuy began to look very angry. Then he made a pose that made the tribe feared, the move is what he usually use to run so no one can catch him and had only used it once; when a crimial tried to escape his captived a move called; Velocidad de inframundo, where he moves at a speed of 600 mph in 10-12 seconds, when he does it he uses his razor claws and slash his victims until they die. However Salvador is a different story, while he does get slash a bit, his style allows him to barely dodge his claws. Suddenly without a surpise The Cucuy captured Salvador by grabbing his neck with his hands and began to choke him and with his claws Salvador necks began to lose bit of blood. As he is gasping for air The Cucuy kept telling him "Si desea que el dolor pare , abrió los ojos!" (meaning "If you want the pain to stop, opened your eyes!") with no other choice left Salvador opened his eyes and looked into the Cucuy as his began to glow.

After putting him in the trance the Cucuy place him down, then Kan-U-Uayeyab told the tribe the punishment will resume. Meanwhile inside his mind Salvador is now in his 10 year old body and is reliving all the things he have done when he was a kid (While he had control of his mind, he couldn't control his body) such as stealing money from his parents, lying about breaking things and even all the times he kept getting beat up. Meanwhile he is visited by Keeper and The Small man (in ghost form) telling him that he must complete the mission and but Salvador said he can't as his body won't listen him but Keeper told him it isn't real, it in his mind but Salvador body still won't until the small man told him he must concentrate as his mind is the only thing he has. Thanks to his advice Salvador summon the spirit aura and broke out of the trance, meanwhile as the Cucuy began to feast of him, Salvador stopped him by grabbing his face. This surpise Cucuy as this was the second time someone had defeat his trance.While crushing his face with one hand, Salvador took the Cucuy face and began to throw him to the ground mulitple times, then he began to give him mulitple jabs to the gut and face then he throw him into the air where he use his spirit aura to flying into the air and attack with a barrage of punches and kicks. As both was about to make contact to the ground, Salvador gave him a slam punch to the face then gave him a final slam kick to the gut and the force was so strong it created a huge crate in the ground and killed The Cucuy. Seeing how the Cucuy was easily defeated the tribe actually cheered for him. Suddenly Kan-U-Uayeyab,Noonsa and Mucluc appeared and congratulate for his amazing fighting skills.

Then Kan-U-Uayeyab told Salvador he can have anything he wish such as; A statue of him, all the gold he wants or maybe the hand of Noonsa but Salvador turned down as he only came to hide a gem and showed it to them. Mucluc then took the Gem and Noonsa looked at it in aw as the Gem shined,Kan-U-Uayeyab then agreed to take care of it. As Salvador was about to leave to finish his mission, he appoarch the Dead Cucuy and use his spirit aura and brought him back to life. This shocked the tribe as Salvador brought back the creature that terrorize them but Salvador told The Cucuy that since he brought him back to life he must obey his orders and he ordered him to stop terroizing the tribe by not taking their naughty kids anymore but instead protect them by using his new powers to stop intruders from invading the tribe. Then the Cucuy asked why should he do it and Salvador said if he doesn't, then he'll take back his spirit aura and let him die. Upon hearing that The Cucuy and the Tribe agreed to a truce and the Cucuy became both the protector of the Tribe and Guardion of the Gem.
10 mintues later just as Salvador was about to begin the finally job he wore very heavy winter clothes, in which he need to finish the job and as he took the crystal and teleported to the final destination; The Arctic , there he must found a small cave that is located underground. After hours of searching he thought that it was usless, until he fell into the underground cave and began to found a perfect place to hide it. Suddenly Salvador is encountered by a beautful women, wearing a white kimono and her eyes covered with black hair, She said her name is Onna and she's have been living in this cave for nearly 1000 years waiting for someone to come. Salvador told her that he doesn't have time for this, that he's on a mission and Onna said that if the mission involves this, in which it is revealed that not only did she stole the Gem but also place it in a case. Salvador then demands the return of the Gem but she said that she would give him the Gem, but she rather keep it, Suddenly she revealed her eyes to him,which are shown to be light-blue eyes.

As he looked into them, his eyes turned light-blue, not knowing that her powers are trapping her victims in a trance-like state, then their bodies began to be covered in ice and kills them. Just as his body was about to freeze, Salvador summon the spirit aura and broke out of the trance. This surpise Onna as no one has ever broken out of the trance. She then offered him a deal; If he beat her then he get the Gem back but if she wins then He'll be her sevant for the rest of his life, in which he agreed. The battle begins with Salvador summon his spirit aura and rushing towards Onna with a few punches but as soon as his fist made contact, his hand actually went through her. Salvador tried a barrage of punches and kicks but each one is usless as it keep going through her. She revealed that she's actually a made of snow but took the form of a human. She then use her ice powers to create ice shards that hit him, then she use create a small but effected snow bomb that sented Salvador to the wall. She then use her powerful attack; where her teeth turned into fangs and began to Salvador bite him on his neck, causing him to bleed. While losing alot of blood, Salvador began to consciousness, until a miraculous thing has happen, His arms began to turn into claws and use one of them into stab her in the back, and actually wound her. It seems that he unlocked a new power that he didn't know had had. Seeing how she is actually injuried Onna decide to go for the offense, where she also change her ice-like claws and both did a clash of a claw battle. While it seems that they are both equally match Salvador is shown to be quite strong as for a finishing move he slash her in half, causing her to faint and die.

After winning the battle Salvador took back the Gem and tried to figure out where he found it, After hours of searching for a perfect place to hide it Salvador came up with a idea; He returned back to the lifeless body of Onna and uses his spirit aura and brought her back to life. As she returned she was shown to be in fear as she have seen death and wishes not meet him again but Salvador told her that he doesn't want hurt her, but he does need her help to hide the Gem and she asked why should she, then he raised his left arm and she shivered in terror upon having a flashback of their battle and agreed to protect it. She then used her ice powers and create a pedestal out of ice and swore to make sure that no one will come get it but Salvador told her that the Gem, along with others, just need to be protect for the next 2,000 years until someone else come to found them so they can use it for the next event and when she ask what should she do if intruders come to get this Gem and Salvador said use her ice powers but not to kill them but instead sent them away from the cave and she promise to protect the gem, and with that Salvador finish his mission and return back to Animusekai
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