Ailenn: A History Picture

So, if you haven't figured it out already, Ailenn Gunderson is my favorite original character of all time. This is a collection of just some of the drawings and doodles I've done of her since I created her in 2008 (not including any of the ones I've already put on dA.) (It also proves just how obsessive I can be over my OCs and the worlds they live in.) You can also see from this how my art has improved over time.

Some info about Ailenn (and her world):

Full Name: Ailenn Gunderson (no middle name)
Birth Date: Legally November 24th, 1992, but may have been the 23rd due to how close to midnight it was
Universe: K-Prime

Classification: Aeşen (EYE-shen), Former Half (An aeşen is an individual aspect of a planet's soul, immortal and capable of altering matter at the molecular level, shapeshifting, and dividing its consciousness. A former half was born half human (genetically fully human, but with a half-human, half-aeşen soul) and generally between the ages of 12 and 20 either loses their aeşen half or their human half. A former half that loses the human half of their soul typically retains human ways of thinking and acting and is less capable than a "natural" aeşen. Most part aeşen will retain their unusual soul structure until death, but certain half aeşen whose aeşen type is unstable will become former halves.)

Aeşen Type*: Vampire (no, she's not actually a vampire, but vampire type aeşen inspired vampire myths because of their need for the energy in human blood (not necessarily gotten through drinking) to retain their forms and avoid being re-absorbed by the earth, and the name stuck. This isn't "energy" in the sense of modern physics, but is merely the term chosen to represent what is known as "ae" elsewhere in K-variant universes, as there is no English equivalent.**)

Change Age: 15
Change Length: About 1 month
Lives In: A town in California, somewhere south of San Jose, which she is not at liberty to disclose
Hair Color: Dusty brownish-blondeish
Eye Color: Light brown

Personality Before Change:

She was very private and allowed her best friend to make many decisions about what she did. Not to say that she just went around numbly numbly doing what she was told. She would enthusiastically support her best friend (really her only friend) become as much a part of her friend's schemes as her friend was. She just didn't tend to start her own schemes. Didn't want to admit that this was a self esteem issue...

Gaining her trust was tricky, but the right move could get it instantly if it proved to her that you were a good person. With people she knew and trusted, she was fun, funny, and opinionated. She was incredibly stubborn (sometimes even too stubborn to admit things to herself) and would hold grudges for a long time. Typically bottled up her anger inside her until it exploded violently, especially when bothered by those she did not trust. Very loyal to friends and family.

Not very confident in herself. Considered herself not very creative, and was not very likely to be the first to do or suggest something, preferring to follow an established way of doing things or accept the guidance of a trusted friend or family member. Had a feeling of being unbalanced (not mentally, but that something was off with herself), and had a constant nagging in the back of her mind that something was missing (typical of unstable half aeşen.) Somewhat depressed, often for reasons she couldn't pinpoint, more because she just didn't know herself enough than because she was half-human.

Personality After Change:

Pretty much the same person, at least from the impression she gives off, but has become more confident and outgoing, and has lost the feeling of unbalance and the feeling that something is missing. Fairly likely to seek revenge, and still quick to anger. Has become more playful and mischievous. When it comes to interacting with people, she is never going to be a total extrovert. It takes her time to get used to people, but she's warming up to the idea of meeting and being friends with more people, even if she usually prefers the company of her closest friends.

Still not especially likely to come up with big plans of her own. She still prefers to let other people dream up the big ideas and steps in when she thinks can contribute or goes along with something she thinks sounds good/fun/etc. Or she'll be happy with her own simpler, less outlandish and/or grandiose ideas (than those of her best friend.) And she'll mostly stick with what she know works for her.

Ailenn is a person who loves the comfort that comes with familiarity and being "grounded", which is sort of ironic, given that she can fly and highly enjoys it. Sometimes she just needs a bit of a push to realize that something new is one of those things she loves and gives her a sense of being at home.

Some things are starting to change about how she approaches crazy new things. Nothing completely earth shattering (like becoming as impulsive or frenetically scheming as her best friend), but with so many opportunities now open to her, she's starting to discover the joys and possibilities of near-complete freedom, even if it's just to do things that makes her best friend shake her head and list all the even more epic things she'd do with powers like that.

Still pretty stubborn at times when she's totally convinced of something. Even more effective with god-like powers. But, as always, she'll be more likely to likely to accept she's wrong if it is a trusted person who has a different opinion.

If she feels that she can help in a situation (particularly one dangerous to non-immortals), she tends to feel compelled to help, and has internal moral conflicts about how many people she can actually help and whether she's really being a good person if guilt is a major factor in her choices. This new sense of responsibility and vastly enlarged worldview has left her fairly exhausted, despite her concurrent euphoria over the amazing things she can do as an aeşen.

It took her a while to admit this, even to those close to her, because she thought it would make her come off as selfish. Overall, Ailenn is very self-aware and self-conscious, analyzing everything she does in a way that she didn't do nearly as much before her change. However, this isn't usually apparent to the casual observer.

Family: Lives with human mother, has two grandparents, has only met aeşen father once
Ethnicity: 1/4 Korean, 1/8 Norwegian, 1/8 Swedish, 1/2 undetermined
Best Friend: (Blue) Jay Johnnet (don't ask about the name)
Boyfriend: Mark Walden
Other Close Friends: Jason Willoughby, Ryan Mecklun
Favorite Color: Green
Deepest Fear: Losing her friends and family



* "Type" probably isn't the best word to use, but I'll just say here that as the aeşen of Earth are conscious "individuals", those that are more alike in identity tend to group together, and they have complete control over how and whether they take a physical form, thus the different "types" of aeşen, many of which inspired mythological and fantastic creatures.

(Probably should read ** first to fully understand this) Also, the Earth, combined with its aeşen "soul", can be seen almost as a living organism. So it makes sense that something bound to its physical form could be hindered by injury, such as how a soul in this world bound to a certain dimensional worldview by a body would be limited experiencing the world through that body, and thus would be less able to interact with the world if the body is sick or injured. In somewhat the same way (though differently, as aeşen aren't actually bound to the Earth), if some part of the Earth is injured, it alters some part of its "symbiotic" ae partner, which had built up its previous form in a way that was "parallel" to the form of the earth. In K-Prime this is typically known as Transmaterial Parallelism (or the Transmatter Effect).

In this K-Variant universe, human actions that have caused significant change in the state of the Earth also caused the development of new (and flawed/unstable) aeşen types to match, all within fairly recent memory. Some such beings always existed among the aeşen consciousness, but not in these percentages. So... that's my very loose re-imagining of the vampire myth. (Just don't call Ailenn a vampire. She's sort of sick of it after being stalked by a vampire hunter wannabe to the point of annoyance. After all, she really isn't THAT kind of vampire, and has never claimed to be. She prefers "aeşen" or "immortal", as those don't generally have the connotations of actually drinking blood (though some sadistic aeşen have done this) or gothic whininess.)

**PSEUDOSCIENCE RAMBLE: I could go into more about ae and souls here, but then I'd have to ramble (even more than I am now) on about multidimensional geometries, the hazards and benefits of ae and trans-universal travel and translation, the question of the afterlife, how ae-type hybrids (partials) work, dimensional type-disparity convection, half-soul anomalies, the concept of dimensional decay, the gray area between "one and many" as it relates to aeşen, the paper flower analogy of ae interaction, neurometaphysical recursion, ae inheritance and probability, etc (yes, those are actually all things.) I've actually thought through the physical and metaphysical realities of this universe to the point that it has it's own in-world science devoted to its study.

To summarize what ae is: Ae is not matter, and thus is not constrained by the limitations or physical laws that control matter, though sometimes a material object can stabilize ae in a form that is not natural to it. Ae does not quantize as matter does, but can "stretch" (once again, term approximation) to the point that it is only connected to the rest of the ae surrounding it by one dimensional strings. Ae of a specific "type" (for lack of a better word), such as that of the type 3/1 (3 of space, one of time) dimensionally locked aeşen of Earth, is more likely to be present in the same form over a large space where there is matter, which is why the Earth has a "soul." In fact, ae played a major part in guiding the structure of matter in K-Variant universes. All ae in existence is actually connected, and from a one-dimensional perspective, it is not separated at all. Space is in fact meaningless where ae is concerned, and it is only when perception is locked into a dimensional frame of reference that one appears to see a specific structure. Most importantly, ae is what makes true consciousness possible, and as a whole can even be interpreted as "God."

That probably made no sense at all to anyone reading this... but I'll just say that my worlds are my way of exploring ideas that interest me. Ailenn is what happened when I got curious about how a character who thought of herself as human would deal with legitimate immortality (Ex. - emotional reactions, personality changes, conflicts of identity and belonging, fears, how she would interact with mere mortals after this kind of change, whether her non-human sense of rightfully being aeşen and immortal would win against her human ways of thinking and caring about mortal friends and family (e.g. would she be overwhelmed by her reality or accept her nature), etc.)

(c) Ailenn, her story, K-Prime, and everything about K-Variant universes Copyright Paradox/Olivia --- Not that I think you would... but please don't take or copy my art and ideas. Because stealing my ideas would be pathetic. I'm sure you can come up with something far more interesting to you on your own, anyway.
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