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This map features the unions of Kelacao's one of four worlds, Medirgitbai. Unions are like kingdoms, and each part of these kingdoms are considered states, regions, or countries. The large texts are the titles of the unions, while the small texts are the titles of their individual states. Each union possesses a unique symbol.

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Ceniturn ( Pronounced Senator-Nn ) [ x ]
Ceniturn is a vast desert union that also lies claim to most of the northern coast of Medirgitbai. Established in 776 4+SE on Medirgitbai, this union flourished as something very small, namely around the inland oases, and then expanded into one of the largest collected unions on the planet by purchasing it young from the Suchovian empire for its overstretched land. Suchove has ultimately been, and still is, Ceniturn's overseer in its mines and mills as branch of Suchove due to having signed a treaty for trade in jewels. While the Ceniturnese people have grown more independent as Suchove lengthens its lead, Suchove stakes claim to Ceniturn's precious jewels like diamond, amethyst, emerald, and ruby as its parent nation. Best compared with Mongolia in state and in geography, its government is similar to a representative democracy in that it is founded upon the principle of elected officials. Ceniturn is home to an assortment of races from elves to werewolves and anthropomorphic dinosaurs to demonic beings. Most of them live in harmony, but some races, i.e., the demonic beings, live independently from other cities to avoid unnecessary conflict.

Forn ( Pronounced For-Nn ) [ x ]
Forn is a highland union exclusively referred to for its proud and stubborn culture in a jungle society. Established in 750 4+SE, the union boasts policies and laws pushed forth by three draconian leaders, Laxiue Beoji, Seryt Inhen, and Buwav Uratusen. The government is strict in its applications of the law, enforcing laws on morality and public conduct alongside more typical laws against violence, and is not afraid to use harsh sentences to ensure these laws are followed. This strict view of society and the laws enforcing it are the masterpieces of its ruling council, which deems itself wise enough to declare such laws for the betterment of society. Laxiue Beoji, the first draconian leader, was the first to pass these laws, laws of justice and discipline. The Fornite secret police ensure the compliance and safety of the populace as well as undertaking assassination and subterfuge missions to ensure the continuation of the regime. In Forn, while there are not many densely populated swamps or bogs present within the ellipse borders of Forn, there are clear lakes and a vast number of hot springs and geysers and mud pots around the active volcano, Mt. Acrovol, Forn's centerpiece to its table. The trees in Forn are vastly different in size and shape, but all of them share a property: they thrive in heavy rain and mud. Most of the trees found are dark-leafed, and the giant durian tree can be found just about anywhere.

Funthilp ( Pronounced Foon-Thilp ) [ x ]
Funthilp is an isolated socialist nation held together by a monarchy of flying beasts. The union rests upon two major island clusters, the northern and the southern. The southern cluster was the first to be settled upon when the fliers of the world took part in pioneering in search of worlds in the sky. Alas, established between 833 4+SE and 835 4+SE, the first villages were settled on the floating islands of Vingoi, where then the Vingoi Rainforests were officially named after their first king, Vingoi Rajua. Vingoi Rajua was a judicious Lindworm with a mathematical frame of mind who would always fly over the islands in search of better blemishes to settle and plant crops on.

Gix ( Pronounced Gicks ) [ x ]
Gix is a very small and autonomous union. Established in 978 4+SE, it is ruled by one sovereign, Yut Imapsiret, a sour and inexperienced Bojurian. Some refer to Yut as Don of Two Sights due to his heterochromia, his left being red and his right being teal. Teal and red irises are normal for Bojurians, but heterochromia is a distinct uniqueness in their species, only affecting five percent of the population. Yut is inexperienced for the fact his position fell to him through a hereditary series alone without any form of genuine practice in administrative measures like overseeing federal bureaucracy without falter and the understanding of representing his political party. Gix, as a union, started as a dictatorship, ruled by haughty authoritarianism, and while "haughty authoritarianism" does not apply to Yut, there is still essence of such for the fact the union is mostly built around a tourist attraction: one of the few most successful resort casinos in Kelacao. First named the Funthilp Bokatim before Yut's sovereignship for its cynical and dreaming "luck artists," it was later named the Bregon Reapson of Gix by Yut with the addition of this paraphrasing of: pots are meant to be broken for better or for worse. Bregon Reapson of Gix is such a famed tourist attraction that it harbors some of the notable legendary players of poker, roulette, and craps, and cards so new and crisp their elasticity is uncanny when bent. In Gix, much of the population consists of a variety of people with no real generalization in one area. The population is various, on per rumor or superstition, because a person from each race is touched by demon's hand in return for mass fortune. Some have become demons themselves, and others who are so unlucky live among thieves and mercenaries in hiding. It is unclear the religion the people of Gix worship if they even worship a religion at all, however, Atheism is regularly an option among the younger, less experienced generations. Everyday life in Gix is constant economical and financial struggle while social struggle limits itself to foreigners, but on the bright side, the peninsula where Oshiyaif is located is geologically renowned for its active shield volcano, Musi Caogi, and its incredible fertile volcanic soil.

Komyd ( Pronounced Koe-Mid ) [ x ]
Komyd is a union built solely upon religion and theocracy, coining the notion that all citizens must be bequeathed with a prayer and a superstitious ritual at birth or else they are not a strict factor in the culture. Established in early 760 4+SE when a group of orthodox Suchovian and Neelian settlers broke off from the mainland to discover islands rumored to harbor ancient relics left by the gods of the Kuranschno faith, a faith practiced by clairvoyant philosophers. The nation is now known as the Gloire u Meidle, Chain of Divinity, named after the chain of islands within its boundaries.

Lorme ( Pronounced Lore-Mm ) [ x ]
Lorme is a large union east of Ceniturn. Established in 776 4+SE by the same time Ceniturn was founded, it is a democratic union governed by a noble Bojurian by the name of Gilhine Bin. Lorme boasts ownership over much of the eastern mainland northeast of Mt. Acrovol. Its forests are mostly tropical in the north and are lush jungles and rainforests in the south. Like their environment, the people of Lorme are not always trusting and are quick to startle, but once a debt is paid, they are in it forever as generally polite people. In the southern regions, the people are often skeptical of foreigners due to multiple negative encounters with the Sanen peoples.

Neel ( Pronounced Kneel ) [ x ]
Neel is the second most powerful union on Medirgitbai after Suchove. Established somewhere between 352 4+SE and 356 4+SE on Oripoedily, the union started as a large guild of some of the first anthropomorphic animals, namely bipedal creatures of the cervine order, and then branched into smaller guilds of same or similar orders. Neel is not particularly a militarily effective union, but it can be pretty rough in terms of its governmental hold and their people's reactions to it; some would say it is a democracy while others would argue that it's a serene theocracy. Given that Neel is a union that was spawned in a pool of religion, there have been countless debates and controversies over hundreds of years as to who the true god is(or gods are), but over those hundreds of years, the smaller guild branches soon decided it'd be best if the union would separate while keeping to its general government even if it is said to be hollow by those not living in it. Today, Neel is considered one of the most peaceful unions in spite of these religious feuds due to the system of segregation by choice. We also know Neel as the union that spawns more humans, elves, albino creatures, and anthropomorphic animals of the cervine and equine order. The inhabitants of this union are extremely welcoming and will lure you to their doorstep for a hot plate of cookies. Usually rubbing them the wrong way results in a polite scoot out the door, but some people can be fiercely personal when rubbed with the rough side of a sponge.

Nip ( Pronounced Nip ) [ x ]
Nip is a large union on Medirgitbai, but given it is very young and there are little accomplishments to show for how powerful they are, it is also a loose union. Established in 985 4+SE on Oripoedily, Nip is a union under construction by many communist parties. Nip can be known today as a union that spawns mostly mermaids, mermen, or anything that swims. The inhabitants in this union are kind and welcoming, but as you dive deeper into the marine, you may encounter less folk that will tolerate you.

Sane ( Pronounced Sane ) [ x ]
Sane is a meager island union in the smack center of the Nende Sea east of Mt. Acrovol and the Acrovol River. Established in late 940 4+SE, the nation is of authoritarian descent. The nation's leader as well as its peoples are beings fit in the arcane arts of storied and pablum conjury and augury. Schools dedicated to conjuration, destruction, restoration, illusion, and potion brewing scatter the island like acne, churning one million students majoring in growing wheat by staring intently at a seeded field. Despite their bizarre, deceptive reputation, the Sanen denizens are ducky people with an intense passion for gems, spices, and trade.

Sseo ( Pronounced Say-Oh ) [ x ]
Sseo is recognized as a pacifistic union due to its neutral state of war, not being on either side of the equation or having much to do with strict alliances in one. Established in 784 4+SE, what was once thought to be theocratic, it is largely democratic and capitalist, giving relief to the notion that the people of the nation must align with the overall control of the government. Its northern moiety is charming and shows absolute value to this notion, while its southern moiety cadges along to the parsimonious lifestyles of its ribald societies. The union rests upon the wettest portions of the north and south deserts: the backwash of the seas and their blackish pimples. Crowds in all forms flock to the aegis of Sseo, particularly those of the magical and mythological kind. It is fairly unknown as to how they have come to be there, but for instance, in the north, herds of anthropomorphic unicorns and pegasi can be seen walking the streets among eastern dragons and ichthyocentaurs.

Suchove ( Pronounced Sue-Chove ) [ x ]
Suchove is the greatest union on Medirgitbai, and in Kelacao, in its area of territory(many branched territories) and fundamental government(s). Established somewhere between 302 4+SE and 306 4+SE on Oripoedily by a group of six mighty Bojurians, it was the first form of abutment to take place in the solar system with the assistance of some of the first humans to set foot on their territory. The legacy of the Suchovian empire and its reign remains one of the greatest achievements in Kelacaolican history, and is a republican slash socialist environment as of now when it was a general monarchy some seven hundred to two hundred years ago before the Golden Age of Society. We know Suchove today as the union that spawns more Bojurians, elves, humans, centaurs and anthropomorphic creatures and so many more. Suchovians are generally neutral in regards to strangers, but can be kind and welcoming if treated well.

Venroar Pocoloe - The body and soul of the union.
Venroar was known as the first Lord of Suchove. Sitting on his throne of wood and steel,
he would tend to the battles fought and put in ink what we know today as law and government.
Bavino Naflen - The eyes of the union.
Bavino was known as the first queen of Suchove, wife of Venroar.
Her primary role was to be fully aware of the issues hitting Schnaol, like plague or famine.
Jipte Ausen - The brain of the union.
Jipte was renowned worldwide for being a figure of knowledge and creativity, often
collaborating with the humans on innovative ideas that would eventually spark a new
age of technology among the Bojurians.
Shone Deligau - The muscle of the union.
Shone was renowned worldwide for being a figure of strong stature with a fierce
affinity for the military welfare of his union. Leader of the great Army of Suchove
defending the capital, he made his living by smithy and brutal honesty.
Shim Brin - The heart of the union.
Shim was renowned worldwide for being a figure of faith and devotion to his gods.
He would often be seen preaching to the children of Suchove all around the territory,
spreading faith in the great Deer God, Miyemi, throughout.
Brin Ureek - The voice of the union.
Brin was the voice for one reason: he was the speaker for his Lord, preaching
Venroar's word all around where he would go.

Tragh ( Pronounced Tray-Gg ) [ x ]
Tragh is a small shoreline union on the Nende Swamp, claiming ownership to the southern side with Bouwime Island and the majestically dark Ure Falls washing over some of the greatest deposits of black granite at the mouth of the Acrovol river originating from the snowy top of the active volcano, Mt. Acrovol. Established somewhere between 760 4+SE and 777 4+SE when the League of Shipmarketeers were at a boom, ships were built from rubberwood, allowing a number of sailors access to ports and colonization of sisterlands via water. Save for murky, muddy waters, life on the ports thrived due to an increase in airboat production which ultimately granted easy navigation for fishers, merchants, and colonizers alike. Many of Tragh's peoples fit the scene as one would normally see anthropomorphic geckos and alligators walking the streets. In general, Tragh is a creative union, producing some of the world's most profound inventors like Blegal Mimimis and Cifet Mimimis, the two Bojurian immigrants from Gishmimimis who invented the Bruathe Cslanem, an aircraft that is submersible and is related to the modern day helicopter.


Sorted Alphabetically

Ceniturn ( Pronounced Senator-Nn ) [ x ]

Forn ( Pronounced For-Nn ) [ x ]
Sunjole Sliner

Funthilp ( Pronounced Foon-Thilp ) [ x ]
Befo Sobogo
Ruelrurl Hist

Gix ( Pronounced Gicks ) [ x ]

Komyd ( Pronounced Koe-Mid ) [ x ]

Lorme ( Pronounced Lore-Mm ) [ x ]
Sliner Gilhine
Zork Umbeka

Neel ( Pronounced Kneel ) [ x ]
Lexihus Nayt

Nip ( Pronounced Nip ) [ x ]

Sane ( Pronounced Sane ) [ x ]
Brumn Ammoget

Sseo ( Pronounced Say-Oh ) [ x ]
Firvitus Flient

Suchove ( Pronounced Sue-Chove ) [ x ]
Satie Forn
Vingor Pishe
Vinror Pileg

Tragh ( Pronounced Tray-Gg ) [ x ]

SummerMEDIRGITBAI - ( Pronounced Meh-Durr-Git-Bye ) [ メーデウゲットバイ ]
Population: 900,000,000

This world is made up of hot sandy deserts as far as the eye can see, swampland that is thick, tropical jungles that are overly lush and vast, sizzling golden savannahs, stony, stormy canyons and temperate plains. Some things in this world are quite deadly, particularly near the main swamplands. The desert is a dangerous area, for the hottest of days can light a match, and has hidden pools of quicksand scattered about its unforgiving face. Banpala Valley is a peaceful place out of all of this because of its fertile, cooler valleys. A tall volcano that continuously oozes lava by the name Mt. Acrovol looms over the world like a guardian.

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