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: Kuda Besi
Date: -

Full Name: Avera Una Sentana
Pronunciation: Avera Una Sentana
Nickname/Alias: Ave, Vera
Meaning: Golden haired girl, the only one from noble family.
Origin: Forgot!
Title: Ms, Mbak-
Pet Name: Un, Ave
ID Number: 7638 311246 0002
Signature: Curvy

Gender: F
Gender Role: Feminine, but can be dominant to Male.
Orientation: Straight
Real Age: 17
Age Appearance: 17
Birthday: 31 of December
Deathday: Still walking on the earth
Birthplace: Pampa, TX, USA
Astrological Sign: Capricorn
Zodiac Sign: Fire Tiger

Immediate Family: Herself, CBMG Leader
Distant Family:
Father. ()
Mother ()
Parenting: Grown up with her mother, but her mother just can't stand to live with her and just left her alone.
Upbringing: How to influence others, and get respected. Rather than make yourself do shit, make someone else do it for you.
Infancy: Avera was born in a one small happy family in a small town on Texas, US. It was the time when her father was still an undergraduate in one of the Texas Institute, her mother was an Indonesian Student who receive scholarship in the same Institute. They were young and free but eventually want to go in a higher level of relationship and decided to get married. Born from a nurturing father and a caring mother, she grow up to become a smart and bright kid, much less an ideal life of a toddler. After they both graduated, they moved to Indonesia and start to make a living there.
At the childhood stage, her parents divorced, she only knows her mother left her father for some reason. Her father however, still take care of her until she reach junior high, after that, he decides to go back to Texas [explained later in the story], doesn't want Avera to became worried, he told her that he's going to US to work and he would need Avera to stay in Indonesia with his old friend and seniors who has stayed in Bandung for years for which further known as the Leader of the CBMG.
Adolescence: ([13-17] Teen years)
Avera in her adolescence years, became the part of CBMG, her father's friend, who's also the leader of CBMG has thought her strictly how to ride bikes, how to take care problems, fear, and how to pursue her dreams. In this stage of life that Avera met Firus and the story goes..
[Will be told at the end of story]

Coming of Age: (When and how did your character "grow up"?)

Evolution: (How has your character changed since they were younger?)

Species: Human
Ethnicity: Balinese-American
Blood Type: B
Preferred Hand: Left Hand
Facial Type: Round
Eye Color: Green
Hair Color: Golden yellow
Hairstyle: Short back with long bangs and double hair-clips
Skin Tone: Light Yellow
Complexion: She have a fairly smooth skin with some freckles due to her genetics
Makeup: -
Body Type: Endomorph
Build: Medium height girl with quite notable boobs
Height: 162
Weight: 55
Cup Size: 36 D
Facial Hair: -
Shoe Size: 40
Birthmarks/scars: scars at her bodies from various Motorbike incident
Distinguishing Features: double green hair-clips

Health: Healthy as raging horse
Energy: Great stamina and Endurance
Memory: Good at memorizing complex numbers, sentences, however, not so good at spatial or facial based memory.
Senses: Good sense in hearing
Allergies: Sea Protein
Handicaps: -
Medication: -
Phobias: Closed, Complex, silent space
Addictions: -
Mental Disorders: -

Style: Ordinary girl
Mode of Dress: Wear some loose tops and short pants.
Grooming: Very well groomed
Posture: Sturdy, yet still maintain her slenderness.
Gait: Agile movement, normal paced walking speed.
Coordination: Has great reflexes, agile movement.
Habits and Mannerisms: combing hair with hand when feeling complimented.
Scent: Using fresh scented perfume

Mood: Happy and calm (School), Irritated (Outside)
Attitude: Nice or Noisy
Stability: Can manage her fake emotion well.
Expressiveness: Expressive
When Happy: Sings a hum
When Depressed: Get to a high place and put herself on the edge.
When Angry: Screaming and thoughtlessly kicking just about everything

Current Residence: Bandung
Community: SMA Y, Dirt-bike Athletes, Central Bandung Bike Gangs, and finally Kuda Besi
Friends: Her bike gang members, later on, also with kuda besi
Enemies: Police, other bike gangs.
Bosses: Her own self, Former leader of CBMG
Followers: Central Bandung Bike Members
Heroes: Firus
Rivals: Fellow Kuda besi members, other Dirt-bike athletes
Relates to: -
Pets/Familiars: Later in the story she met with Asoka, which make her want to pet her every time.

-School uniform : Grey Skirt & ties which sits just below the hips, White Shirt, and a pair of Gosh Black shoes)
-Casual attire : White loose shirt, short blue denim pants, Nike SB shoes.
-Working attire : Grey Dirt-bike Jacket, short black pants, Dirt-bike shoes, and Equipped with full knees and arms protector.
-Formal Attire: In a red Balinese batik dress with just below-the-knee skirt. In addition, she changed her hair-clips to a ribbon
Equipment: A KLX 150 Motor bike, equipped with higher strength to weight ratio components.
Accessories: Double hair-clips.
Trinkets: Organizer Smartphone, watch from her father
Funds: Avera barely have money for her living cost, her motorbike expenses was mainly supported by her loyal gang members.
Home: In the first part of story, Avera lives in a small room in a house which she rent out for only a few bucks/mo. She, however, rarely lives there because she spent almost all her time together with her gang.
Neighborhood: Noisy bikers mostly male, smokers, drunks and such, however she doesn't smoke nor drink. And her subordinate respect her for that.
Transportation: She travels mainly by her bikes. Goes to school by using MRT
License Plate Number: D 1127 TRK
Collections: She does have a collection of Manga and Anime, this is just her hobby to enjoy something out of her world.
Most valuable possession: Her bike
Prized Possession: The photographs of her complete family

Lovers: -
Marital Status: Single

Occupation: Student, Dirt bike Athlete and Member of CBMG
Work Ethnic: Fun is the main component of a job, if it ain't fun, it's not really worth it.
Rank: often reach 2nd or 3rd place in local and international Dirt bike championship, supported by her fellow gang.
Income: Supposedly she can live a hedonic live, but choose not to and adapt her lifestyle to her surroundings
Wealth Status: She live in a lower-middle class neighborhood, in a lower-middle lifestyle
Experience: Podium winners of various Dirtbike events, her greatest achievements is 2 times in a row X-Games Asia 2nd place winner and 1 time 3rd place winner of X-Games International Dirt-bike Endurance.
Organizations/Affiliations: CBMG, later on With Kuda Besi Courier Co. too

IQ: 132 (Very Superior) Wechsler Intelligence Scales
Education: She is one of a honor student in SMA Y, Known for her diligence and politeness.
School: SMA Y - A typical high school which is a neutral base (or so i thought), free from influence of motorbike gangster.
Grade: A+
Special Education: The Top Notch Role Model Student for her Batch
Social Stereotype: She's a kind of girl who had a nice and sweet surface yet rough and bitter in the inside.
Degrees: Science Degree
Intelligence: Linguistic, Logical, and Interpersonal
Extracurricular Activities: Going Home Club

Religion: Not Explained
Morals: Nothing is wrong, it's just social system that judged "something has violates their moral values". That moral values is just differ from one place to the others.
Crime Record: None is recorded.
Motivation: Dreams
Priorities: Herself, Friends and families, Memories
Philosophy: Fulfilling Live is a fun and memorable one. It'll be such a waste to live a dull boring life.
Political Party: She supports a party which might give a drastic change. No matter good or bad.
Etiquette: Very polite and subtle in public, but can be so ruthless and hostile if they are too close to her.
Culture: She can do Balinese Pendet, Legong, knows how to do Gandrung dance, and was best at her age. She understand some other Balinese culture, this is due to her mother was descendant of Balinese-Ksatria Caste.
Influences: The CBMG Leader has a great role in her adolescence. Firus, as someone she thinks stood in the same level as hers.
Relates to: -
Traditions: Even though she knows a lot about Balinese tradition, She doesn't do or being enthusiastic about it.
Superstitions: She's believe that something invisible exists in this universe. At least they're not in the same existence plane with us, but they are here. At the later pat of the story, This will make her aware from the existencce of Tia.

Main Goal: To met her father
Minor Goals/Ambitions: Become the best of what she did.
Career: She wants to become no 1 of X-Games Endurance champion.
Desires: She wants to travel the world with her bike, together with her loved ones.
A 1-1 Scale Moe-chan (FictionalChar) Dakimakura
That's it for now
Accomplishments: Avera did walk down her path becoming Honor student in her school, and just a little bit closer to become the world best Dirtbike Endurance champion in international X-Games.
Greatest Achievement: At the later story, she was finally able to pay a visit to her passed dad's grave.
Biggest Failure:
Secrets: Her Otaku-ism
Regrets: She cannot find her dad faster.
Best Dream: Travel around the world with her dad.
Worst Nightmare: The death of her father
Best Memories: The time she spent together with her friends in Kuda Besi's team
Worst Memories: The time when her parents fight each others.

Hobbies/Interests: Teasing people, Motorbike touring.
Skills/Talents: Motorbike Riding, Traditional balinese Dancing, Expressing emotions.
Likes: Cute things, Thrilling things, Surprise.
Dislikes: Discussion about parents
Sense of Humor: Slapstick Humor
Pet Peeves: When people mock someone's parents
Dreams/Nightmares: Sometimes she dreams of her father/sometimes she dreams she was chased by a Leak
Quirks: She always able to count numbers fast, and have a tendency to take risk just for thrill.
Savvy: Political world, Underground news.
Can't understand: People who love to live in suffering and just brooding over it.
Closet Hobby: Cosplay, this is the only interest she can share with Gladys (Gladys Calandra Character Design Sheet)

Social Inteligence
Self Regulation
Perception: The world is full of shit, but the way it is so we can see the beauty in a better contrast.
Conflicts: She want to express herself as she please, but the entitlement of Honor Student, and became a public figure as a Successful students is the reason she can't
Instincts: Calculating the money needed to do something, and suggesting a frugal suggestion.
Lures: Money, Cute things, Challenges
Soft Spot: Cute things being abused.
Cruel Streak: Mocking her parents.

Powers/Abilities: -
Origin: -
Source: -
Ability: -
Weaknesses: -
Immunities: -
Restrictions: -
Alternate Forms: -
Extra Anatomy: -

Favorite Colors: Neon Green, Purple
Favorite Animals: Chameleon
Favorite Mythological Creatures: Dragons
Favorite Places: Pampa, TX, USA The place she were born
Favorite Landmarks: Nusa Penida, Bali
Favorite Flavors: Lemon and Melon
Favorite Foods: Burgers
Favorite Drinks: Lemon Juice
Favorite Characters:
Favorite Genre: Thriller, Action
[This section is adjusted to todays reference]
Favorite Books: V for Vendetta
Favorite Movies: Law abiding Citizen
Favorite Games: Asassin's creed
Favorite Shows: Breaking Bad
Favorite Music: Ethnic Rock
Favorite Bands: Songs by Balawan, or Tesla Manaf
Favorite Songs: Morning Alarm
Favorite Websites: Wikileaks
[This section is adjusted to todays reference]
Favorite Sports: Dirtbike, most of it
Favorite Stores:
Favorite Subjects: Physics
Favorite Numbers: 44
Favorite Words: Meh
Favorite Quotations: (Can be lengthy and philosophical or just simple clichés such as "Every dog has his day)

Least Favorite Colors: Grey, its dull
Least Favorite Animals: Cockroaches and the such.
Least Favorite Mythological Creatures: Areop-Enap ("old spider") is a nope-nope
Least Favorite Places: Dark, narrow spaces
Least Favorite Landmarks:
Least Favorite Flavors: Taro
Least Favorite Foods: Foods made from shit, Shitburger or such
Least Favorite Drinks: Sodas
Least Favorite Characters:
Least Favorite Genre:
Least Favorite Books:
Least Favorite Movies:
Least Favorite Games:
Least Favorite Shows:
Least Favorite Music:
Least Favorite Bands:
Least Favorite Songs:
Least Favorite Sports:
Least Favorite Stores:
Least Favorite Subjects:
Least Favorite Numbers:
Least Favorite Websites:
Least Favorite Words:
Least Favorite Quotations: (Can be lengthy and philosophical or just simple clichés such as "Every dog has his day)

Languages: English/Indonesia, both are fluent, Spoken Japanese
Accent: A noticable Balinese "T"
Voice: High Pitched
Speech Impediments: -
Greetings and Farewells: "Halo halo!" / "Dadah!" both while waving her hends
State of Mind: "Focked.."
Compliment: "Bagusnya itu!", "Lucunya itu!", "Kawaii nee!"
Insult: "Astaga Bodohnya", "Tololnya itu.."
Expletive: "Bangsat Cai", "fock"
Laughter: "Ahahahaha" in an eerie high toned pitch
Tag Line: "Bring it on"
Signature Quote: "It's my dream, only i can do it, and I'll do it my way"

Reputation: A Honor student at the school, A respectable team mates at the CBMG.
First Impressions: Kind and smart girl.
Stranger Impressions: She got issues.
Friendly Impressions: Bearable sick smart-ass, yet lively and fun to be around
Enemy Impressions: Double faced crazy bastard.
Familiar Impressions: A Helpless girl, who just need attention and support.
Compliments: She had a wide prespective, understanding, and surprising.
Insults: Sick Bitch!
Self-Impression: I need someone to hold on to.

MBTI Personality Type: ESTP - The Doer
Temperament: Choleric
Enneagram: Type 3 - The achiever
Ego/Superego/Id: Most of the time, her Id is dominant. And at some conditions, he Super-ego took over.
The Self: ?
The Shadow: Someone who longs for a place or someone to hold on to
The Anima/Animus: ?
Persona/Mask: A Bright smile and good mannerism

Role: Avera appears as the rivals of the Kuda Besi's crew, this rivalty however, ends in a good way which helps to develop Kuda Besi.
Fulfillment: Avera successfully lead the CBMG to merge with Kuda besi,
Significance: CBMG is one of the most influental street organization. And avera stood just below the head of this organization, as a [candidate of] sucessor
Alignment: Chaotic Good
Comparison: -
Vice: Greed
Virtue: Diligence
Defining Moment: The time she was handed over the legacy of CBMG
Tropes: Typical smooth talker with personality problems
Originality: She's talented in her own way.
One Word: Twisted.

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