What IS this? Picture

My two newest characters, Élvïr at eight years on the right, Qãena at four years old on the left. They're forest creeple (Fénïzhtén in their language) HERE'S SOME BACKGROUND INFO NO ONE CARES ABOUT LOL:

Fénïzhtén are born live, but they lack milk to feed young, so the less civilized regurgitate food whilst the more civilized grind up meats and wheats for the young baby. Anyways after Élvïr Nïïtz was born, they moved to a part of the forest where it faced the plains, because it was a beautiful view. One day when he was about to turn four, his baby sister Qãena Nïïtz was born. A month later their parents went out to hunt for more food, as it was becoming scarce. Qãena was peering over the edge a little too far, when a ceptrin (another of my species) flew down and snatched her arm in it's claws while her brother was sleeping. Fortunately the ceptrin lost it's grip on her and dropped her near a village. Ryan Roberts was sitting in the grasslands calming down after a fight between his wife Janette and his mother Katrina, when little baby Qãena waddled out of the grass, sobbing in the weird mix of baby whimpers and rat squeaking sound that the Fénïzhtén young do when they're sad or hurt. At first Ryan was perplexed at this weird critter he's heard stories of, but he never thought they were real, and that the babies would be so utterly adorable. He picked her up, figuring out she was a girl, and knowing she was obviously lost, took her in. His wife helped him name her, Allison Roberts. Years later, Allison met up with her long lost brother at the edge of the woods, but they hadn't recognized eachother, and Allison was freightened because she thought she was a human being, not a Creepian. Eventually they because best friends, not knowing they're long lost brother and sister. At the age of fourteen, Allison began to fall in love with her brother, still not knowing of course, and he too, did the same. Luckily before anything weird could happen between the two their parents came with him one day to meet his "human friend" only to be shocked and filled with pure joy to see their daughter standing there, in human clothing. Both of them were confused, mainly because they were in love with their long lost sibling? But then Élvïr remembered his baby sister, just barely, when they were little. And then a new kind of love filled him and they reunited with a large hug, but Allison just couldn't leave her human family, they were too close. So now she is sixteen and he is twenty, and they're the best of friends living close to eachother.

Anyways I like this drawing, especially the background. <3
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