Leena Quain Picture

The final of the main characters from my original work, JSJ (c). This is Leena Quain, descendent of Brigit from Celtic myth and Ceres from Roman myth. She's a foreign exchange intern at a local hospital, but strangely she's going to get alot of time off to be chased by amorous gods, travel across Japan, meets gods, myths, and monsters, and try and find a job.
Leena is special because she's gotten the gift of healing from her mystic roots, however, with the addition of Kodomo and Okuni and Okuni's staff, which controls the ability of mortals to see the divine and unearthly beings, Leena is gifted/cursed with the divine sight (c). Meaning Leena is able to see the mystic, mythical, divine creatures that the rest of us assume are myth.
Leena is stuck with her two godly companions and eventually falls for the both of them, unable to pick one and spurn the other, Leena simply waits for the answer to come, after all, she's dealing with gods, they wouldn't saddle her with two unearthly suitors without a reason.
As they continue to adventure Kodomo and Okuni demonstrate their brash behavior towards each other and to all other competition for Leena's heart, allowing the rest of the gods to have a field day taunting and teasing them; be it Gekka-o tying all three's feet together, the Queen of Heaven ordering to two godlings to purify themselves in freezing cold water, or Musubi-no-Kami, the god of love and marriage who happens to take the form of a handsome (and I added lecherous) man, making the moves on Leena just to get a reaction out of his two compatriots (c).

JSJ has become a fun story for me to outline, I need to refine my drawing style before I do much more, but JSJ has in a way, replaced my ABDT in my mind, just because I had more fun researching and figuring out ways to bring Japanese myths to life while adding a fun love triangle. Not to say I'm mocking Japanese myths and religion, I'm brainstorming another idea using angels (who hasn't used angels) but the angels are sent to Earth to fight emerging demons. Of course Micheal and Gabrielle are sent to Earth, however, Micheal makes someone upstairs upset and ends up in the body of a beautiful woman, which results in most of the story having Micheal flip out whenever someone calls him a girl (think Ed from Full Metal Alchemist and the word short...that sort of thing, but not so much yelling as actually beating the crap out of people) (c).
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