WWP: Our Halloween Picture

Wow. I mean wow. Bio's where easy enough, but this drawing. Jesus Christ, I Hate and Love them so much... I mean really... Anyway... Moving on.

Anyway, this is "Our Halloween", the Rock-Punk band for my branch of *tyshea's Wormwood Project. They generally perform for small clubs and some school events, but for the most part their still pretty unknown.

Name: Farah Moore
Age: 18
Height: 5’10
Weight: 139 lbs
Race: Fear Spirit: Master of Phobias/“Pumpkin Queen”
Grade: 12th
Relatives: Leonardo “Leo” Moore (Cousin, Monster under the Bed) Annette Moore (Sister, Fear Spirit: Pain)
Nationality: Italian
Style: Steampunk Serious
Eyes: Red
Hair: Brown
Orientation: Homosexual
Significant body Markings: None
Favorite Classes: Trigonometry, Astronomy, U.S History
Club(s) and Extracurricular(s): Wormwood Quiz Team, “Our Halloween” Lead Guitar
Crush/Steady: None
Alignment: Supporter of the Suits
Likes: Performing with her Band, Anything to do with Halloween, Making friends
Dislikes: Stalkers, Missing a beat, Critics

Farah is the charismatic frontrunner for her own garage-rock band, “Our Halloween”. Influenced by The Columbia Sisters different brands of guitar and a dream of fame, Farah set up her own rock band, getting some of her closest friends together to help the band off its feet. Unfortunately, they still haven’t hit their break, but Farah’s just doing it for the love of making music. She can usually be seen down at The Big 60 Diner with the rest of her band mates, or off seeing a horror movie with her family. Though she’s usually a pretty cool person, she really can’t stand people criticizing her or her music. However, on a whole she’s the laid back type that people expect from a garage band superstar. Unlike her cousin and her sister, who are both really secretive about what they do and how they feel, Farah tells people whatever’s on her mind, no sugar coating. As a fear spirit, Farah’s got a similar job to her cousins, striking fear into people’s hearts, though she was born as the “Master of Phobias”, a jack-of-all-trades, master of none figure among other fear spirits. Though she does like her job, and she gets a kick out of scaring people who deserve it, she’s not extremely good at it like Leo, nor does she get a sadistic pleasure from it like her sister. She mostly just enjoys meeting all the other fear spirits, as most fear spirits innately get along well, and Farah adores making new friends. Farah is in charge of the band’s gigs and tours, driving her “Band Van” to school with the whole crew loaded in as well.

Name: Robert “Bob” Gracy
Age: 18
Height: 6’0
Weight: 156 lbs
Race: Fear Spirit: Clowns
Grade: 12th
Relatives: Steven Gracy (Adopted Father, Human) Timothy Gracy (Adopted Father, Fear Spirit: Crowds) Susannah Gracy (Aunt, Mortal)
Nationality: American
Style: Wolfman-Rocker
Eyes: Yellow-Green
Hair: Dyed Red
Orientation: Bisexual
Significant body Markings: Snake Bite Piercings
Favorite Classes: Literature, Public Speaking, Photography
Club(s) and Extracurricular(s): “Our Halloween” Bass Guitar/Backup Vocals
Crush/Steady: None
Alignment: Supporter of the Family
Likes: Performing with the band, Reading, Kids
Dislikes: Being hungry, Smokers, Critics

Robert is the flirty, artistic background musician for “Our Halloween”. Influenced by the high profile rock lifestyle of Embracing Illusion, Robert was more than willing to join his best friend Farah’s band, bringing his 9 years of playing the bass guitar to the table. Robert does enjoy making music, but what he really wants is to live like a rock star, partying and getting to see the world. Most of the time Robert is either chilling out with the rest of the band, or going sewer skimming for some sort of lost treasure. He regularly goes out to do little shows for kids, but he has a natural tendency to scare them away. While now much more accepted in the Wormwood community, Robert was originally outcast from the mainstream because of just how strange he seemed, as well as his strange behavior and people’s general fear of clowns. He didn’t go out much, just hung around the parks at Wormwood, trying to find anyone who would befriend him. That’s when he met Crystal, who didn’t seem to be affected by Robert’s creepy looks and disturbing mythology. Instead, she took him in and kinda set him on his feet for the rest of his time in Wormwood. Robert has not forgotten Crystal’s act of kindness towards him, and does his best to semi-secretly thank her for it, whether with Flowers in her locker or gifts delivered to her in class, anything he can to make it up to her discretely. Robert has since become Farah’s wingman, always riding shotgun, whether their heading to a show, to dinner, or where ever else they decide to go.

Name: Stefani “Stef” Ewen White
Age: 17
Height: 5’9
Weight: 129 lbs
Race: Fear Spirit: Snakes
Grade: 11th
Relatives: Vitoria White (Half-Brother, Fear Spirit: Spiders)
Nationality: American
Style: Glam Rock Goddess
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Blonde
Orientation: Bisexual
Significant body Markings: None
Favorite Classes: Architecture and Design, Chorus, U.S History
Club(s) and Extracurricular(s): “Our Halloween” Lead Singer
Crush/Steady: Robert Gracy (Fear Spirit: Clowns, Crush)
Alignment: Supporter of the Jackal Pack
Likes: Performing with the band, Drawing, Classic Music
Dislikes: Being bothered, Critics, Pollution

Stefani is the stylistic, loud poster child for “Our Halloween”. Influenced by her dreams of adoration and admiration that she saw so many rock bands gaining, Stefani was first to jump on her ex’s rock band bandwagon, taking her fine set of pipes with her. Stefani is all about the music, because the music will get her the fame that she always wanted. Stef spends a lot of her time, when not practicing, either shopping for clothes or trying to persuade Robert to take her somewhere nice. She has a second job as a waitress at the All Nighter cafe, where she met one of her close friends, Francesca, a frequent customer. The two hit it off rather shakily at first, but bloomed into real good friends before too long. Frankie introduced Stef to her family, who, for the most part, thought she was an okay type to keep around, and so they took her under their collective wings, and put her under the protection of The Jackal Pack, turning her from the quiet, laid back singer into the blooming rock diva she is now. The Caine’s, in return, ask only that Stefani look out for the activities of the other two Wormwood factions, a task which Stef took on all too willingly, knowing that the Caine’s protection would carry a lot of weight in Wormwood Highschool. Stefani now roams the halls of Wormwood under the watchful eye of the Caine family Stef is practically harmless, hating to scare anyone, and so leaves it to her half brother to cover that for her. Stefani has since teamed up with Jack, in both the song writing process and general outer school activity, and readily sits in the back of the Band Van with him on Farah’s road trips.

Name: Jack D. Bachman
Age: 16
Height: 5’8
Weight: 145 lbs
Race: Fear Spirit: Darkness
Grade: 11th
Relatives: None
Nationality: American
Style: Ready and Shredded
Eyes: Black
Hair: Black
Orientation: Asexual
Significant body Markings: None
Favorite Classes: Criminal Justice, Public Speaking, Theology
Club(s) and Extracurricular(s): “Our Halloween” Keyboardist
Crush/Steady: None
Alignment: Neutral
Likes: Performing with the band, hanging with his friends, Nighttime walks
Dislikes: Critics, Fighting, Bad news

Jack is the quiet, dark and brooding techno-wizard for “Our Halloween”. Fueled only by his own dream to see the world, Jack was up for the band as soon as they started auditioning. His skills at playing the keyboard where all well and good, but what set him apart was that he was willing to do all the remixing, show booking, and any other technical sides of the Rock Band business, a facet of the lifestyle no one else was prepared to handle, and he was signed on as the Keyboardist, Master Planner, Manager, Technician, and General life saver for the band. A bit on the quiet side, Jack expresses most of what he has on his mind when he writes a song, a job he shares with Farah and Stef, though he’s most reliable to get it done on time. Jack just sort of appeared one day in Wormwood high school, and no one really payed him any never mind. Whereas the other three members of the band where swept into the different factions of Wormwood, Jack has remained neutral for three years, never favoring one side over the other, and in fact not even getting involved, unless either side directly comes to ask a favor of him. Each side has asked at least one favor of Jack, completely unaware of his neutrality, and Jack has established quite the reputation as someone who can get things done, for a price. Jack, initially on the outs with the rest of the band, has become assimilated into their little subculture and is now as welcome as the others. He spends time with the band after school, though he spends more time with Stefani than the others, and the two have grown to be pretty close friends. When it comes time to set out on a band outing, Jack is always sitting in the back, talking with Stef and Robert, or just looking out the window absently.

So SalaDays belongs to *Tyshea
This Picture inspired by a poster I have of The Beatles
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