Pandora's Box Scupture Picture

For my art class, we had to make a scupture inspired by an actual artist and one of their scupltures.

For me, it was Michelangelo and his work of Mary holding Jesus in Pieta

So then we had to design something that was inspired by it and I thought, "Well, lots of his stuff comes from biblical stories, so I'll do one about a myth!"

And the first one to come to my mind was Pandora's box.

For those who don't know the legend: After Prometheus gave man the gift of fire, Zeus decided to punish man by giving him the first woman: Pandora. She was made by all the gods and she was sent to marry Prometheus's brother, Epimetheus. Zeus gave Epimetheus a box and told him to NEVER open it. Of course, what does Pandora do? She opens it, thinking it's filled with jewels and riches. Instead, all the bad things in the world came out and the last thing to fly out was hope.

So this is what I came up with.

Now to explain what each side stands for:

The side facing us is Fear. I made it have fiery hands because it made it look more evil.

To the right, is a purple figure. This is Agony. His face is one of pain and saddness. (You can't see it, but he's crying.)

Behind Fear is Murder. I'm especially proud of this one. Instead of fingers, he has sharp knives that are dipped in blood. (It's paint people!!) His face is a creepy smile that you see on a villian in a movie about to kill someone. This was actually inspired by my childhood. In my room when I was three, there was this red light that looked like fangs. And as I would go to sleep, they would like like they were going up and down, like something comping it's teeth.

And finally is the side with the butterfly. That's Hope. From each of it's wings hangs a small paper crane. (In Japan, paper cranes are signs of peace)

And that's about it!
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