Inner Turmoil Picture

This is a painting which pretty much sums up everything going on inside me. Basically, I'm always fighting against my inner demons. I painted this to help me visualise the situation inside me.
The figure represents me, in a sort of rebellious form, prepared to fight against the demons.
The fairy symbolizes hope, as in the story of 'Pandora's Box'. She is the only one who remains brightly coloured in this hell.
This is what the demons represent:
Purple demon (upper left): Heartbreak. He holds a heart torn from a human body in his hands and is digging his claws into it.
Red Floating Head (Upper middle): Evil. He bears the pentagram on his forehead, symbolising Satan and all his evil.
Blue demon (upper right): Imperfection. This is portrayed through his body parts, nothing is equal. Hands instead of feet, feet instead of hands, mismatched horns, unequal wings, skin incomplete, not enough fingers, etc.
Black demon (middle left): Corruption of the mind. His mind has enslaved him and is slowly eating him inside out, hurting as if a knife was plunged inside. He is left crawling on the ground, and half his head has already been eaten away, his eyes included. This is to show that the mind can blind the person. He is shrivelled up and dying.
Green demon (middle right): Physical Pain. He is reaching out for help as he vomits blood, splashing inside it. His eyes are bloodshot and his skin broken. Such pain is also caused by the black demon, who is on the same level as he is.
Blue demon (bottom left): Fear. His eyes are popping out with fear and his arm is actually an insect (something which I greatly fear). Note that the insect is part of his body, symbolising the fact that fear lives within us.
Although I am faced with all these horrors, a strong light shines from my heart. This indicates that the light of hope never fades, no matter how dark the situation seems. It also symbolises the fact that God is always in our hearts, giving us the strength to fight our inner demons.
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