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In the brony fandom, I found that there was an extreme lack of cows and bulls, and this made me unhappy, so I made a few cow OC's!~ This is the bull, Sinjel, who I loosely got inspiration from The Last Unicorn, (The fire and redness being your first signs)
I may edit this a bunch in the future, it's kind of a sloppy mess right now because I just made the idea.
Before abything: Throughout the show it's notable that Ponies are the dominant race for the sake that, well, cows are kept in fields on farms and forced to graze rather than eating at the table... even though it's proven cows and ponies share the same language. It was proven that bovine are still a lower species compared to ponies, and thus this is constructed entirely of headcanons. Domestic cows, the black/brown and white ones in the show, do not possess magic at all, they've been domesticated to serve on the farm for milk alone and have lost their use of magic. Primal bovine though usually have an unnatural coat/eye/horn colour, and are also ambitious with an eagerness to learn. Since bulls are more often dangerous, they're not usually kept on farms. (Which makes me wonder, to get more cows, where do they get the bulls?)
Also, the colour of fire can tell how powerful the bovine can be.
Light Blue: Medium
Light Purple: Medium
Light Red/Pink: Medium
Dark Purple: Extremely high but very very rare
Natural: High but uncommon, mainly for red bulls

Name: Sinjel
Gender: Male (Obviously... you can't have female bulls)
Breed: Unknown
Age: Probably a little over Twilight's age, young but in a teen sense (For them he's close to turning 20)
Height: Sombra's height
Weight: heavy than a pony, light for a bull
Occupation: Sorcerer (He learns his magic through books and spells and potions, unlike regular unicorns)
Magic: It's actually a trait in bovine magic to use magic fire rather than glowing sparkling thing, similar to fox fire. He has enough control of the fire to choose if he wants it to burn something or just surround it harmlessly and use the fire as magic, however he has a hunger for knowledge and may advance in the future. When using the fire, his horns glow gold and become hot, he's immune to it but other creatures are a different story. Using high amounts of magic can cause the fire to spread from his horns to across his body.

Personality: From his history, he's become distant and untrusting of anyone in general, cynical of even the kindest words. He's very easily startled by unexpected noises in his quiet domain, and the fact he's sleep deprived part of the time doesn't help. He's an insomniac, which is sometimes forced from both his work and the fact some of the stuff he does can mess with his psyche. He generally gives off a nervousness about him, especially in a public location, but when he's working, he's usually very calm and focused. He doesn't only practice spells from books, he also does secret research on animals (And occasional pony) he can capture, which resulted in a lot of mutations as he tests spells and potions on them and uses some for ingredients (He also has a hydroponic garden started for same reasons). He tends to try and scare others away from his house to keep them from seeing his basement, often times though he sends his gurt dog after them, his upstairs looks just like a messy house though, with lots of books of course. Those who'd get to know him, he's basically a nerd, an anti-social nerd.

History: Long ago, an omen had been made that when the day the red bull stands tall and gains high in power, he will drive the unicorns to extinction. The equine, mainly the unicorns, had made sure to prevent that from happening back then by attempting to both domesticate and purge the bovine population, with the help of the earth ponies. Earth ponies benefited from the domesticated cattle as livestock. They believed the bovines were driven to extinction, unaware that many had managed to escape them, and soon the story of magic-using bulls, as well as the red bull, became nothing more than a myth.
The bovine haven't forgotten though... not the ones who escaped that is...
Wild cows and bulls had made their new home far away from any equine civilization, in fear of the equine race all together, they'd go into hiding if one is spotted near them, and became oblivious of their own strengths and power over the ponies in general. The damage done was for a red bull, so to have a red calf was an omen. That's why life became so harsh for Sinjel growing up.
Because of his ominous birth, his father left immediately, and his mother gave him to an orphanage. It's believed she struggled for the rest of her life, mainly financially, and had committed suicide. (That's a rumor)
He was raised in school like most other calves, and even made friends there, but not many since their mothers did not want them to associate with the red bull, in fear it may bring bad luck or trouble of some sort. He had grown a strange obsession with reading and learning magic, and throughout his time in school, that's all he wanted to learn.
One day, as a pegasus was flying over-head, and the bulls all hid, Sinjel was the one to take a different approach. He had practiced magic enough, and figured if there was something scary, why not get rid of it? With a levitating spell, he threw a stone at the pegasus and knocked it clean out of the air, a defiance upon the way the bovine behaved.
When he approached the wounded pegasus, he put on an intimidating display, at least as much of one he could muster, warning the pegasus to never return here again. Welp, considering the legend of the red bull and the fact that it had knocked him out of the sky, the pegasus took no time in scampering away into the woods, from there it's fate was a mystery.
Everyone was dumbstruck and in awe at Sinjel's bravery/stupidity, some respected him, mainly the calves, but a good few became more wary of him, and eventually the pressure became too much for him growing up that he left school and continued learning in secret, wearing a cloak to hide his red coat as best he could.
The cloak in the picture is from his childhood, he needs a new one. Yes, he grew up in an orphanage and was never adopted.
He had gained a companion specific to him, the gurt dog, a black dog spirit who under his control, which his eyes will be red when something is done out of cruelty, would execute anyone close to his house and do as he's commanded, but when not by his command, which his eyes will be white, would guide children out of the forest and safely to home. To see this shadowy creature once brings joy, twice brings sorrow, and three times brings death.
(Got that off mythology and played with it some, go look up gurt dog/The Black Dog)
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