Impression of a God Picture

Sept 2010 - June 2011 Sketchbook

School's been keeping me busy for the most part, and I've been cheaping out (artwise) on you, my wonderful watchers and everyone else who stumbles across my humble dA, so I figured I might as well go and upload things from my art class (is it still considered a "class" when the teacher does not teach nor provide you with any technique?) sketchbook.

Enjoy! c:

...I guess this is also a human example, haha. I've got a better one that has yet to be completed and uploaded, though! ;o

So I was contemplating my second art project. Something based on a section of the Metropolitan Museum of Art... but what?

Turns out they have an Egyptian section there, and so I doodled something that I have always been interested in: an Egyptian god.

I guess you can sort of say this is Anubis, for it looks the most like him, but to be honest, without a reference, he doesn't exactly look like Anubis.

But it was this sketch from which stemmed this final project.
Nifty, huh? ;D

Thank you, O Great God, for such inspiration!


Artwork (c) ~Inkshadow
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