touch the skies... Picture

EDIT: I just noticed that I never really said outright that this is actually Gabriel, who is resembles the greek story of of Icarus, the boy who made wings out of feathers and wax and few to freedom but flew too close to the sun and his wings melted and he squished into the ground =3;;; but yeah, it's very much like what happens with Gabriel-- he creates the perfect wings that actually connects into the nervous system and spinal cord and everything-- only thing was that he couldn't figure in how to make them balance his weight properly....mmmmm concussions....=3;;;;;;;;

He's my brave, smart, couragous, and foolish little Icarus I can see him being too smart for his own good
I can totally see him making a pair of wings
Ones that you can connect to your shoulders
That can move by connecting to the nervous system
He'd be crazy enough to make them....

"why can't we fly, momma?" being something he says
when he sees a bluejay fly for the first time

"touch the skies" seemed a rather appropriet title
Personally, this is my most favorite picture of him to date
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