words Picture

This was my third assignment for my Design Technology class (1st yr 1st semesters 2007). In class, we all think of 5 words and then have to illustrate it using only font.

For some reason i got really stumped on 'control' so i did that (and it's cut off b/c this was done in illustrator so the art was bigger than the board but i'm too lazy to move it when i imported it to photoshop). I thought 'oh! you can have control over what you listen' or something like that but it was too graphical even though it's a dingbat font but whatever. I did my best.

The over class thought 'innovate' and 'classic' was my strongest and i would have to agree.

And for some reason, my class thought of really hard words! The only one that's relatively easy was drunk! My friend who has the same class got words like beautiful and happy! I had a headache trying to figure out how to do innovate, control and language! ung...
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