Tyro Akira (Alpha with eyeshield) Picture

This is Tyro Akira, my favorite persona since elementary school when I first made her wire animal form Rocket dog BlueWolf. Wow, it's been ages since I last called her that. Heh, I was such a derp then. Uh oh, down memory lane I go! XD Over the years I have developed stories and whole worlds just because of that one little wire figure I made so many years ago... She has probably made me who I am today just from her existence. I kinda feel like I owe her so much for in a way, helping me express myself throughout my life.

Blah, you probably don't want to read this, so I'll sum it up.

Tyro Akira has become a huge part of me, and she is probably the most important and special thing I have ever created. She has helped me make relatively great decisions and steered my life for the better. How, you ask? Easy. She is who I am, and who I want to be.
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