West Lord Picture

In the book The Dialogue of Earth and Sky: Dreams, Souls, Curing, and the Modern Aztec Underworld, Timothy J. Knab makes mention to Tonallan the western realm of the underworld, but never really names a mayordomes for this territory as he had done for the other quadrants. Figure that my picture would be a little off balance without a lord for this land, I decided to just create one. Thus my picture is named simply West Lord, for I had no name to give her. Knab does mention that each realm does have a mayordomes, he just never discusses Tonallan's. I fashioned her after Aztec lords, giving her a large headdress with many plums. Her eyes are golden, which is actually a personal tribute to my favorite Manga (or manhwa) artist and writer Beop-Ryong Yeo and Hui-Jin Park, whose character Lady Hyacia from Chronicles of the Cursed Sword also had golden eyes. I really wish the rest of that series would get released in English. I studied Japanese in college, so I have no idea how to read Korean. As always, drawn by hand and then edited/colored in Photoshop.
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