Encounter with Sirens Picture

Dedicated mostly to ~mfelizandy, because my female characters have captured two of her males.

From left to right we have Lily and Davic, Hermes and Tom, Latvi and Risk. Davic and Tom belong to ~mfelizandy, Risk belongs to ~Tripathy, all the girls -I- made up, and I have every intention of redrawing this, adding a few more characters, and coloring it. ^_^ Why? Because I can.

And yes, I know, the sailors are supposed to be die smashed against the rocks or drowned, but Davic's just too darn persistent in getting to his Lily to do either, and I really don't have the know-how to draw Tom swimming and reaching for Hermes... and I don't even know how Risk and Latvi got into this, but they did. This is really just figuring out poses for now. And if someone wants to tell me that something in the drawing is _way off_ (like Lily's dorsal fin that didn't want to cooperate), please let me know now, before I work my butt off in a bigger picture and just end up putting it right back in. Pleeeaaase.
Thank you.

(I decided that, for the purpose of being able to show it off a little more so maybe I'll get some freakin' comments to help me with this... I'll stick it in my actual gallery for now and move it back to scraps at a later time.)
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