sketch: Pathfinder-ness Picture

Some sketches of the four goddesses and their faithful.

Left to right:
Elu, goddess of light and two members of the Order of the Blue Rose, Eladriel and Rinoa
Kyden, goddess of fire [she and Ignis are in the upper-right corner]
Naida, goddess of water and a water cleric [above, unnamed]
Adalia, goddess of earth and a tribal warrior [hell yeah, forest lolis]

Around each goddess there are some of the things that they created: Elu's hair turns to clouds and she's sighing wind; Kyden's hair is flame and she's holding the clay figures she turned to humanoids; Naida's hair turns to water and magic sparklies [or something] is in her hands; Adalia is holding flora, fauna and insects.

My first sketches of these goddesses can be seen here:
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