Cath Maige Tuired: Arrival of Lugh linework Picture

Alllright. This is the beginning linework for one of the pieces in my illustration series of the Tuatha De Dannan in the events surrounding Cath Maige Tuired, (the second battle, wherein 1. Nuada falls to Balor, and 2. Balor falls to Lugh...among a ton of other wonderful events in the story that I just won't have time to illustrate this semester.)
This is Lugh's arrival from the west to the battlefield--because he is a solar-deity of sorts, he shines. The Formorii think the sun is rising in the west. The foreground figure is Balor, who Lugh is about to challenge.

Obviously a lot more to go, even in regards to composition, but I thought I would be nice and give you all some form of update from the spring-laced lands of the north.

More to come...
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