Ipo the Gnome Picture

I'm debating on making a short comic, and to get myself in the mood, I'm making some characters... because how do you have a story with no characters?

Ipo's name comes from the Ipomoea flowers. Specifically the blue ones, because of their eyes. I figured gnomes would have flowery names.
Their best friend will be a sassy dragon and will be roommates with a tea obsessed merperson.
This little gnome likes to sword fight, and despite their skills, they would never actually harm anything. They just think it looks cool, like juggling or ballet.

They have no data yet, but the Cyclops I posted earlier will be one of the characters, too. I'll make a character sheet for them later.

It will probably be a day in the life type of comic, until I think of a plot... haha...
While I'm in my modeling class today, I'll jot down some ideas.
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