Griffin Excuse Picture

When you are a shape shifting green kitty it's fun to disguise yourself into different creatures.
Since Griffins are basically half-and-halves with one half usually being a predatory bird and one half usually being a predatory cat it's fun to figure out which halves seem to best fit together. That being said when the world's fastest land animal is the cheetah and the fastest vertabrate capable of flight is the perigrin falcon can you really blame a shape shifting kitty for putting them together? They make the perfect pair for a griffin mode.


Oops. I didn't frealize this before but it looks like the fingers on the other side got partially cut off. Sorry about that.
This piece was a bit experimental:
1. Fore ground: Traditional
2. Middle ground: Digital
3. Back ground: Photography

Besides this griffin mode may be a bit more recognizable than the Mechagriff mode shown here :thumb142563636:
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