Rain Dancer Picture

I'm still not sure where to put things that I've drawn on paper and then coloured on GIMP. I'm going to put the next couple in Traditional, because the colouring's not fancy and I mainly fixed the lighting and darkened the lines.

That said: this is a Rain Dancer, a being from my fantasy world. In a nutshell, the Dancers live in a white city at the conjunction of the elements (the beach) where they obsess over laws, records, prophecies etc. They are shape-shifters to a certain degree in that they need to be able to get anywhere through anything (even solid stone) and can appear as how angels or mermaids are often portrayed, in addition to just looking human if they want (though they are taller, paler, and stronger than most humans, and can have white or blue hair, skin, or eyes).

They are a sane, logical race in a world that makes no sense
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