Apep Picture

A serpentine species originally native to the Aquarius Galaxy, the apep were enemies of Ra's race, the Predecessors, and -- later -- Ra himself.






Apepi homeworld




18 metres


Dark purple




Eighteen prehensile tentacles, eight on each side of body


Potentially immortal; the apep have complete control over their aging process


The apep originated on a hot, humid planet of jungles and deserts, the only habitable world of a trinary star system. The apep developed civilization relatively early in their history, having attained present day Earth-level technology only thirteen-thousand years after evolving full sentience. One of the suns of their system eventually destabilized, threatening to go supernova and destroy their world. Having developed adequate spacefaring technology at this time, though, the apep managed to flee their world far in advance of the planet's destruction in a fleet of generation ships that stretched 12,756.2 kilometers from end-to-end.

The apep eventually settled on a world seventeen light-years from their home system. A small cold world, the apep struggled to survive on it's surface. The apep did survive and in time came to colonize even more worlds. With the advent of their first FTL stardrive technology, the apep eventually spread throughout the Aquarius Galaxy. Being the only sentient species present in the Aquarius Galaxy, the apep had never made contact with -- or been influenced by -- other races. That all changed once they made first contact with the warmongering Predecessors.

The Predecessors -- xenophobic and genocidal as they were -- refused to tolerate the existence of the apep and quickly began exterminating them. Though apepi technology was a match for the Predecessors', they didn't have the numbers or resources to withstand the galaxies-spanning marauders, and in little time they were driven to near extinction.

The last remaining apep managed to save themselves, though, when they found a way to safely capture and contain the virulent genome-destroying nanobots the Predecessors had been using against them. Reprogramming the nanobots to target Predecessor DNA, the apep let them loose on their original creators. With the Predecessors now preoccupied with a fast-growing pandemic that threatened to eradicate their entire species, the apep turned towards recovery. Their galaxy now rendered uninhabitable to their kind, the apep packed up and left in massive star-arks in search of a new home.

The apep, choosing to move as far away from Predecessor-controlled space as possible, set a course for the distant Milky Way Galaxy. During their journey, stationed somewhere on the outskirts of Barnard's Galaxy, one of the apepi star-arks happened upon Ra's starship. After a brief skirmish, Ra and his crew escaped, but not unscathed; the apep knew he was out there and they were determined to find and destroy him.

The apep did reach the Milky Way eventually. As Ra created and began to expand his Empire, so did they; using the technology available to them on their star-arks, the apep began to set up shop on countless worlds, enslaving or enlisting numerous races to serve them in their campaign of conquest. In time, by being as relentless and merciless as the Predecessors they hated, by advancing to a level centuries beyond the Predecessors at their peak, the apep created an empire that -- while not as large as Ra's -- was fully capable of providing a viable threat to the sun god's vast kingdom.


The apep are a species in my own personal version of the Stargate universe. I came up with them years ago, soon after I first began moving away from Stargate SG-1 towards a more movie-centric canon.

I knew I wanted Ra to have a personal enemy, someone non-human who could rival him and his empire. I found a perfect figure to serve as his enemy straight from ancient Egyptian mythology itself -- the evil demon/god of darkness, Apep.

Purposely ignoring the Apophis interpretation from SG-1, I made Apep a species instead of an individual but still retained the serpentine influence, and -- to make them as alien as possible -- I gave them tentacles as limbs.

My backstory for the apep has changed considerably since I first came up with them. In the original story, Ra and the apep became enemies after a Horus Guard scouting party arrived on one of their worlds, unwittingly bringing a virulent contagion with them that began infecting and killing off all the apep living there, leading to the sterilization of the planet through radiation bombardment; there was no prior relationship with Ra or the Predecessors in this backstory. I believe I changed it to mirror the original legend and make it fit with the Bill McCay novels more.


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