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I tried to make it so only one guy from a game would be on here but then I realized I haven't played enough tales games to fill ten spaces so Zelos and Jade made their ways onto this.

Number Ten Zelos Wilder: Tales of Symphonia 1 & 2. He is the chosen of Tethe'alla. He is definitely a comic relief character. He made the OVA's hilarious. He is always flirting with women but a plus to that in the game is you get free stuff. Even though he always seems to be smiling and happy, he has some pretty deep hidden feelings that you won't know about until later in the game, and you'll find out even more about him if you choose him over everyone else. Though this only happened once in my play throughs since I always kill him off to get Kratos. Sorry Zelly. ^_^

Number Nine Jade Curtiss: Tales of the Abyss. A colonel in the Malkuth Empire's military, he always keeps a cool head no matter what, and is always ready to throw in a sarcastic line somewhere along the way. Though his back story is pretty depressing. His laugh in the anime is adorable too. I fell in love with Jade right away. I blame the eyes...and the glasses. A few times in the game he is called old man or he refers to himself as an old man which I think is funny since he is only 35. You don't look a day over 20 Jade.

Number Eight: Leon Magnus/Judas: Tales of Destiny 1 & 2. I actually don't know a lot about Leon since I've never played the Destiny games, but I have played the first Radiant Mythology game which he is in. From what I do know his original name was Emilio and his sister is Rutee who is also a party member in the game. He's cold-hearted at first but once he opens up he's just a big old softy. He dies sometime in the first game and is reborn in destiny 2 being renamed as Judas. He always wears a mask in destiny 2 and he looks after Kyle who is his Nephew.

Number Seven: Yuri Lowell: Tales of Vesperia. Ok the first time I saw Yuri, I thought he was a chick. Then he spoke...and I loved his voice. He isn't the typical tales main character since he is a thief in the beginning of the game though he only steals from the rich. I love his fighting style too. Though in the Tales Versus game his fighting style made him slow and I hated playing as him. He makes random comments here and there and for a main character he is pretty laid back.

Number Six: Keele Zeibel: Tales of Eternia (Destiny 2 for the US)
Keele is very rude when you first meet him in the game. But man is he friggin smart. When he was a kid he cried all the time so I guess he's trying to cover that insecurity up. In the game you can tell he is the typical magic character. Even in the cut scenes he always complains that the rest of the party is going to fast or that he needs a break. I love him in the OVA, some of the stuff he says is plain out funny or when he gets a nosebleed from seeing Meredy in her swimsuit. Keele is thinking naughty things hehe.

Number Five: Jay (the Unseen): Tales of Legendia: Again when I first saw Jay I thought he was a chick, and his voice didn't do him any justice. It wasn't until they said his name that I figured it out. Funny story about that, my best friends name is Jay and he was sitting right there when I was playing it. I don't think I ever heard his voice screech so loud. "THAT CHICK'S A DUDE WITH MY NAME!? lol good times. Anyway after a while Jay became my favorite character in this game. I mean c'mon he's a ninja and he lives with cute little otters. (Oresoren)

Number Four: Richter Abend: Tales of Symphonia Dawn of the New World: Ok I'm not going to lie but Richter was probably the only reason I played the second symphonia game after a while. Severly disappointed in this game especially compared to the first ones. When I saw Richter I thought he was some type of cross between Kratos and Zelos with Jade glasses thrown in there. lol I like the little awe moments he has with Emil or when he talks about Astor. Though at times he can be kind of a dick. When he supposively killed Marta I was like "Yes annoying chick gone. Finally." Hey she's still alive...dammit! He made the ending of the game worth it. He's so nice.

Number Three: Guy Cecil: Tales of the Abyss: Whenever I look at Guy I instantly think cat. It's the eyes, and the grin...and the collar. haha. When I saw Flynn in Vesperia I was like GUY!? I don't think they thought too hard on Flynn's design. Anyway Guy is Luke's best friend even though Luke's dad pretty much killed off his family. Guy is pretty amazing and his special illness. He is afraid to be touched by women. It's pretty hilarious in the game but it is caused by really depressing events. The best part in the game is when he is talking to a girl who flys air ships, it has the whole lovey dovey feeling, then he is like I wanna fly an air ship. I was like awe...Huh? O_o WTF Guy.

Number Two: Veigue Lungbeig: Tales of Rebirth: Again I don't know much about this character since I don't have the game. He is one of the people I keep in my main party in Radiant Mythology 2. His famous CLAIRE! was probably what made me love him. There is a video on youtube that goes through the game showing how many times he says her name...he sounds like a broken record. I also love him because he has the same voice actor as Link from Ocarina of Time.

Number One: Kratos Aurion: Tales of Symphonia: Ok anyone who has seen my top ten animated guys knew this was coming. Kratos is by far and will always be my favorite character in the tales game. If he was actually in the second game more than 2 minutes I might have replayed it. When I first saw him in the game all I heard were angels singing and a light surrounding him. lol I just hope Kratos makes more appearances in the up coming tales games. Thank You Tales of Vesperia for the Kratos appearance even if he wasn't real.

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