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I..... am going to be babbling. Oh joy. *inhales deeply and flexes fingers*

So. Years and years and years ago, my brother got the game Sonic Heroes for his birthday. I had not been drawing for AGES, and videogames didn't really grip me to the point where I could and would play them for an hour or more. Maybe half an hour was the longest I'd spend. And I'd never started researching anything extensively (well, maybe with the exception of horses. I love horses quite a bit). But then I saw Sonic the Hedgehog. At first, I was indifferent. It was cool, but really, what could be interesting about it aside from designs? And then I saw Team Dark. And I started watching my bro play. And then I started watching the storyline, and then started ACTUALLY PLAYING. WITH AN ACTUAL CONTROLLER. Sonic the Hedgehog sparked quite a few things for me (including a period of time where I was a bit of a tomboy). First and foremost, Sonic the Hedgehog was my first major fandom, and the first thing to inspire me to write fanfiction before I even knew what fanfiction was. And then, suddenly, I actually PICKED UP A PENCIL AND DREW SOMETHING, INSTEAD OF JUST WRITING WITH IT. It was like, holy heck, what is this new thing that I've just been presented with?! The drawing didn't really pick up into my huge drawing thing at that point (that came years later), but I did start writing a lot and improved my skills a LOT.

Artemis Fowl by Eoin Colfer, Roald Dahl (and some other authors I didn't put on here), influenced what sort of stories I like, and also influenced my writing style in various ways (don't even ask me to pick out what ways, it's become a giant melted swirl over the years). And they also, in their own ways, influenced the sorts of character designs I like (darn elf ears, darn skinny people).

ArtRage is on here as an influence because when I got it, I discovered the tapered pen tool, and that led me to my favourite drawing style so far. And it's really, really fun to doodle in. Doodling in ArtRage has broken some of my artist blocks.
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