Fallen Picture

First off, those arn't pubes; it's shadow I swears it!

The image is of an angel/demon hybrid. I usually explain it as the angel loosing himself and becoming the dark being that was probably always there to begin with. Not that I actually identify with this, it's just that sometimes I feel that who I am and who I think I am never quite meet on the same wave legth; which is usually how it is with most people, but I'm not comfortable with the idea that certain people only know me as one way, while another group of people of think I'm another way.

Example: In my Senior LA class everyone thinks I'm gonna kill everyone one day. They think I'm this dark, evil, maybe even vile person who writes dark stories where everyone dies in the end, or that my knowledge on "pagan" beliefs are more than they should be (my god, it's Greek Mythology and Gilgamesh. I find it scary that I could give these same people a direct quote from their Bible and they wouldn't know it. Btw, I'm Athiest if anyone was wondering. Nope? Okay then).
In retrospect to this, everyone in my Commercail Arts class either thinks I'm a complete perv or a doffus geek guy. While I'm sure I haven't given them any reason to think otherwise, it isn't the complete me! It all usually is determined by the enviroment; In LA I feel I should be more responsible and mature in my actions and what I do, while in Commercail Arts I rewind and just do whatever.
Now there are only two people who actually know what type of person I am, and that's Cujo and Koishii. They've been my best of friends since what feels like the begining.

OKay that went wwaayy off topic... or did it? Who knows.

Okay, I draw this image alot. Not this particular image, but the theme of it has been a reoccuring one within many of my art works. No idea why, I just like the way it looks.

The entire point in this is to show his tourment. Did you see it? Hmm?

Every time I draw this type of picture it's usually when I'm pissed. The first time I drew it was when I had broke up with my ex-girlfriend about a year and a half ago. It seems longer, but it happened during the middle of the school year so that's why I get confused over it all.

Anyways, back to what I was saying with this! The first image I have of the first pic in a book that I started because when I used to get angery I would cut myself and shit like that and I didn't like myself for doing it. I figured if I drew it out then by the time I finished I'd be a bit calmer. The picture has the half angel/demon hyrib bent over his sword while hovering in the air.

Btw, I haven't had to use that book in a while so don't worry about my mentality. Though a lot of my best poetrey came out of that book... I could always start writing the happy shit but I don't like the happy poems all too much.

On a funny note: I started writing this right when I got home, while talking on the phone, and going back and forth about my house, and it's taken me over 4 hours to finish this bitch. I cannot multitask to save my life.
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