Treena's Official Debut Picture

Name: Treena
Nicknames: Gaia, Jord, Mother Earth, Mother Nature, Terra, Goddess, etc. (Any name one has for Mother Earth or Earth basically.)
Age: As old as Planet Earth
Hair: A light mahogany or maple like that of trees and the ground.
Eyes: Aqua green like that of the seas.
Gender: Chooses to be Female, but in reality a spirit of no gender. So Agender I guess?
Race/Species: Planetary Spirit. Treena is basically Earth itself, the spirit of the Earth.
Sexuality: Asexual, basically she has none as she is a spirit.
Abilities: Common magic that all Spirits can possess and COMPLETE control of the Earth as it's spirit. She literally is the Earth. If she cries, it rains, if she whistles, it picks up winds. If Treena chooses to punch someone, the ground itself will form into a hand. Anything she wills of Planet Earth will happen as it is literally her 'body.' The form you see above is her figurative form that she takes to interact with humanity.
Personality: Mischievous, playful and innocent. Treena is the pacifistic spirit of Earth. She loves peace over all and refuses to harm anyone and anything. At times she would take this to extremes as she will not eat meat, plants, or anything that can be considered 'killed'. Just milk, honey, and things offered freely from nature but but not killing nature. Of course, this assumes if she could eat. As she is a Spirit she does not.

Treena considers humanity, plants, animals, and all living things of the Earth as her children, and longs to protect them. So though she will not lift an arm, so to speak against invaders or attackers to harm them, she will defend her children. Of course, Treena's pacifistic ways have hurt Earth in other ways, as she tried to once make humanity pacifistic int he Space Hippy days, and brought on the next stone age in where people lived off of nature and not Technology. Eventually humanity got sick of this and they left the Earth to which Treena has since learned not to enforce her pacifism on her children and now lets them do as they like. Even if she has to experience the deaths upon her.

Treena is also very playful and mischievous. Sometimes she will take the form of a tree to hug people, or play pranks on unsuspecting visitors to Earth that don't know of her. All in all, one could describe Treena as child billions of years old. Though known as "Mother" Earth. She is really no more mature than a typical child.

NOTE: Treena is from a Roleplay Multiverse where Earth is not even a speck of importance in the Multiverse, so therefore Earth having a planetary spirit that caused trouble for the humans, is not so farfetched or godmodding.

Treena and all things associated with her are mine. HOWEVER, the concept of Mother Earth is not mine and taken from mythology.
Design (C) Me.
Dollmaker Art (C) Rinmarugames:…

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