Jadwiga (Darkstalkers character contest entry) Picture

So, there's a contest that ends on January 20th, 2013 being held by Capcom where people can design their own characters based on the DarkStalkers series and win really cool prizes. If you want more info, here's the contest homepage:

So, here's my entry. Her name is Jadwiga. She's a baba-yaga! Here's the full description of her as a character:

Character Name: Jadwiga

Monster Type: One of the Baba Yaga, slavish mythological figures

Physical Description: She is an extremely old woman, looking similar to the stereotypical slavic babushka. She has a white and purple floral hooded robe, a blue ragged scarf that she knitted herself, wrinkled yellowy skin, an underbite with three poking teeth on the right side of her mouth, murky blue eyes with white pupils. She wields a giant pestle, as bab yaga's are wont to do, which is made of ancient petrified wood that is as hard and heavy as iron. She also has a magic ring on her right hand, which is imbued with the magic of the forest she lives in. Her dress hides her ugly chicken-feet, which are based on the myth of Bab Yagas living in huts built on chicken legs.

Fighting Style: She fights with magic, hard-hitting blows from her giant pestle, and scratches from her chicken-legs. She has four special moves: Hen Catcher, Mint Beam, Trunk Slap, and Stabber Branch. Hen Catcher is a command grab performed with 360+kick, that does medium damage, but the EX version causes a groundbounce which can start a combo (it is a giant slashing stomp with her chicken feet. She lifts her dress to do it). Mint Beam is a projectile performed by holding back then pressing forward and punch. The light version is a small slow-moving projectile that flashes magically out of her moving ring and disappears after a short distance. The medium and Hard versions go farther and faster, but have smaller hitboxes (easier to jump over). Trunk Slap is performed with quarter-circle-forward and punch, and it is a big, damaging horizontal swipe of the Pestle (her weapon). the light version is fast and low damaging, while medium and heavy are slower but do more damage. All versions have the same range (this move is similar to Rose's Soul Spiral in SSF4 but knocks the opponent farther away). Stabber Branch is an anti-air in which she stabs the air above her with her big chicken toe-claws. It is performed by pressing down and 3-kicks. This move shows that she is rather flexible, sticking her toes straight up (with helpful support from using her Pestle like a cane). it has a hitbox directly over her head and slightly in front of her. It can not hit crouching opponents, but if timed right, it is a fast anti-air that beats most jump-ins. It can not be combo-ed out of easily (but it is possible).

Additional Info: Jadwiga is one of the three Baba Yaga's remaining in Poland. Both of the other two Baba Yaga's were sealed away in a magic tomb by the Polish people who hate the Baba Yaga's infringing presence in their villages and forests. Knowing that she isn't much better at fighting than the other Baba Yaga's, she feels she must improve her skills before she should attempt to rescue her sisters, or else she might be sealed away too. This is why she challenges the other darkstalkers! Maybe if she has defeated them all, she will feel ready to fight the people of poland to get her friends back. "Please wait, my sisters!"
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