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Profile I made for my character Ido a while back when I joined the Tegaki role-play group Rakuen. I'd lurked it while my wrist was still having problems 2009-2010(?) and at some point decided "WHEN I GET BETTER AND CAN DRAW I AM SO GOING TO TRY AND JOIN THIS GROUP." And I did! 8D

I hesitated using the term "demon", but I figured it was suitable as an umbrella term for sentient nonhumans and humanoids that have... less than symbiotic relationship with humans/mortals. But I still kept the specific species name I gave Ido's kind since obviously (in her canon universe and in multi-verse RP canon) properties and cultures of these beings can be vastly different.

Generic Species Stuff:
-I'd say Mormophins fall under the seduction as well as psychic/chi-vampire types of creatures. GOTTA MAKE LOTS OF BABIES TO KEEP COMPETITIVE WITH THOSE OTHER DEMONS!
I just combined the name of a Greek mythological creature and added "-phin" to the end to make that name. Seriously.
-They're also part of that irritatingly undying bunch that just gets reincarnated every time you kill them. So try to avoid making enemies, after all, you only have to worry about the rest of your life dealing with a pissed off demon. Of course, you could get lucky and have ze get reborn after you die, but vengeful Mormophins have a funny way of reaching the mortal plane again faster than you think...

Character Specific Info:
-although obviously not evil, Ido does prefer socializing with people she feels she can control or use.
-she's died twice since her First Birth. If you think that makes age calculation confusing, try being the one in charge of filing all the different death and birth dates for each Mormophin.
-Ido works at a multinational conglomerate that seems to specialize in... well, everything. It essentially has a monopoly on Earth (at least in her story) for magical objects, services, artifacts, as well as liaisons between mortals and ethereal/Demons.
-It's not particularly rewarding to work at a company where you're constantly reminded how easily it could be replaced if you just stopped showing up.
-Of course the rub is that if you leave, you lose security of power in numbers, you're pretty much free game for any other more powerful demon, and unfamiliarity with human culture can leave any Mormophin completely disoriented.
-In the Rakuen storyline she essentially just packed up all her stuff and left without so much as a two weeks notice. Ido tries not to think about what would happen if/when she returns, and seems to get noticeably rigid if she thinks she's being followed.

Any questions you have, you can just ask right here.

Ido/Mormophins/art (c)
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