Characters for the RPs/Stories X3 Picture

I got some new characters from Yupina-tan, and here's some sketches and quick descriptions of them uvu

Name: Misty
Gender: Female
Age: 13
Personality: Quiet, timid, kind, nervous
Small Bio: A very quiet girl who mostly keeps to herself, nervous little Misty was always overlooked in the orphanage because she disliked being around other people, especially children. Things begin to change when Darby adopts her, despite her timid personality which would seem to clash with her own.

Name: Cornea
Gender: Female
Age: 5
Personality: Rowdy, loud, ferocious, Yandere, murderous
Small Bio: Adopted by Iris after being found by the blind twins Keane and Rana found her wandering an alleyway covered in blood. She had murdered her mother and stepfather after they abused her with a kitchen knife. Iris made sure everything was "cleaned up" and has been a protective and loving figure in Cornea's life ever since.

Name: Asher
Gender: Male
Age: 7
Personality: Bright, bubbly, affectionate, curious, loving
Small Bio: A loving little boy who has been blind since birth, Asher was often viewed as a bad child to adopt for his disability. That changed when the twins Seamus and Darby decided to adopt children and Seamus, the slightly calmer and more level-headed twin, chose to adopt him. Seamus adopted a seeing eye dog for Asher, and also took him to echolocation classes for any situation where he needed assistance and the dog wasn't available to help him, such as if it had a medical problem.

Name: James
Gender: Male
Age: 24
Personality: Laid back, chill, loyal, friendly, supportive
Small Bio: Jasper's best friend, James and Jasper love to play guitar together and often play duets for Jasper's girlfriend Reese together. Both of them are very close and will do anything for each other. Jasper spends most of his free time not spent with Reese or volunteering at the orphanage with James, and sometimes the two of them volunteer together, though James prefers the animal shelter since he doesn't think he's very good with kids and doesn't have the fatherly flair Jasper does.

Name: Shinju
Gender: Female
Age: 1,000+
Personality: Quiet, noble, serene, wise, patient, kind
Small Bio: Shinju is a goddess of the sea, known for her love of pearls and goldfish. Mythology states she was taking some pearls to the Emperor, but dropped one in the ocean by mistake rescuing a small fish caught in the seaweed. When she presented the pearls to the Emperor, he ordered her to be executed, believing she kept the single missing pearl for herself for the money. The girl was tied up and thrown in the ocean, but was rescued by a legion of small gold fish like the one she rescued when the pearl was lost. She became a goddess who protects the innocents accused of lies, and is often seen in court rooms as a symbol of justice.

(The gold fish she is always seen with is named Ki no Sakana.)

Name: Balgair
Gender: Male
Age: 24
Personality: Cunning, clever, sly, sneaky, resourceful, intelligent,
Small Bio: A Scottish magician, Balgair is as cunning as a fox, which is incidentally what his name means. He actually is a legitimate wizard, but he uses his talents and an old, fake magician's outfit to fool people into believing he's just a good illusionist, rather than a true warlock. He adores his magic acts and loves to incorporate real magic into them, since people can rarely tell the difference.

I'm so excited to use these characters! >w< I hope you guys enjoy them as much as I do ;w;
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