Windigo Profile Picture

Not much is known about Windigo's past. Where did she get her powers? Was she born with them? It's still a mystery that she will not say claiming "ugh, I've told everyone ten thousand times already!". It's possible she's from Mexico, since she has a Spanish accent and black hair. As far back as the knowledge of her life goes, Electrolyse met her at a strip club where she must have worked for some time, going through the nickname "Purple Nipple". She is wanted in all the states except Alaska, probably for fraud, prostitution or for the mere fact that she's an illegal immigrant.

Her powers consists of turning into a purple cloud, able to creep through tight cracks and vents for example, also enabling her flight without dispersal. However she cannot escape enclosed areas. This power is useful for ambushing criminals, turning an arm solid again and squeeze their shoulders where the artery is. She often brings up this fact in order to get a job done quickly, often forgetting that there may be an entire gang waiting, and if any part of her becomes solid, it's vulnerable to get shot. Besides that, she has a decent hand to hand combat skills.

Windigo is carefree, overjoyed and outgoing, also Electrolyse's best friend, whom she "befriended" and brings along wherever she wants to go. She likes the outdoors and the mall and prefers to go without any way to hide her identity. She barely covers up, trying to expose her breasts as much as possible. Even during the winter she'll go for low cut coats. She does not bother trying to hide her identity and had a tendancy to go out revealed in public. However the others have insisted that she should do an effort especially when she goes out with Electrolyse: so Windigo brought out her only alternative costume, which is a full arabian outfit, only showing her eyes. This further confuses her past origins.

She does love attention. She does have that charm that works on many bumbling bodyguard, keeping them occupied with flirts while the rest of the Peace Patrol sneak inside a building. However she is lazy, preferring to use the easy way out to solve problems, which often affects the tactics the Peace Patrol use to take out criminals. She even relied on Arome to come up with a better alias for her super hero status. She was named Windigo after: 1) The Wendigo, a giant of northern American mythology that could shape shift 2) the wind 3) the colour Indigo 4) the name Wendy, which was given to her. Her way of seeing the Peace Patrol, of which she made the banner, is more of a "Super Friends" thing, where they hit the town, take out "bad boys" then party all night long. She does have a drinking and gambling habit, and she is very feminine in personality, looking out for her nails and clothing when chasing bad guys. However, she also is like a mother figure, caring for her colleagues (although not as much for Killer Seal) and tending to their needs. She can even turn her arm into a shining cloud to heal wounds. Truth is though, the only reason she joined the Peace Patrol was out of boredom.

Windigo is the comic relief character of the Peace Patrol, and she claims to be aged 22. Her character is based on Kitsune from the Love Hina series. She was originally going to be a young male aboriginal character with the same powers and a similar charm. However I decided to make her female to even out the sexes.
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