Transformers Rebirth The Rise of Trypticon Picture

Sequel to the hightest rated Transformers movie of all time
Jack Peters has reveled the upcomign chapter in the Transformers Rebirth series named "Transformers Rebirth The Rise of Trypticon"

"Well to me I felt exicted making this but the sequel wasn't gonna be like were just gonna put in random characters and a random story, for the sotry and charcaters, I worked hard and I thought I had created somthing that will impress all fans of Transformers, also I wanted to show why I put these characters too and why they were there, well yeah its gonna be more darker but we want it to keep it on the edge where its not a like a film for only aludts but a fan for anybody, mostly mature audience but I tried my best and I think this film will impress and be loved by mostly everyone"


Taking a year after the huge battle, the Autobots have been reveled to the world as heroes and now work with the all the world's goverment to stop the Decepticons, but now the Autobtos and their human allies must make sure that a wedding of the princess of Lecora is safe so that the battle between the Lecora's and their enemy the Crackla's may come to an end in peace, btu what they don't all know is that the Decepticons have teamed up with the Crackla's to take over Lecora and later the world, with the new found help from the Dinobots and Omega Suprme, the Autobots and their allies and all of Lecora can save the land but what they must face to stop this whole thing once and for all is that they must stop the one thing that could truely stop all of the world's defensives and all autobots is a Decepticon monster that has been worked on since the wars on cybertron, this Decepitcon is named Trypticon.

For the video game it would be a prequel
which will show how did the Decepticons got info about all of what the Autobots know and what to do, How the Dinotbots got created before they were releashed into the war before the movie, and how Omgea Suprme came to earth, and before Trypticon was finished and how his orgins quite began


The main villian of the movie supposed to be Trypticon and also the film would also express and tell of his orgin and what led to the creations of prototypes that few later were finished to become the Insecticons, and later where the idea of some of the prototypes were mostly the machines the inspiered Trypticon created by the Decepticons and Shockwave
"Well yeah I kind of wanna how about making this sequel big and deeper in the mythology"

Barricade's form will be changed from a normal speed car to a police car to fool the Autobots

Decepticons Shockwave and Barricade will have bigger roles in the film but not like the main villians but more detail into them

Inspertion came from the G1 episode S.O.S Dinobots for the game and movie,WFC,Fall of Cybertron, and most importaly the greatest inspertion of them all
My Little Pony Friendship is Magic A Canterlot Wedding..........yeah it may seem very silly but this is where I got the main idea for this film and I would love to thank all the people who worked on that two part special because it was so well written and well development and for many other reasons too
wanna know how I also came up with it it might be the biggest ever so here it is.................................... I thought of it when I was playing with my DOTM deluxe Barricade figure well watching it and I was wondering "What if Barricade was a Decepticon spy behide enemy lines" and thats where it hit me
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