Count Renbaku Picture

Count Renbaku, the God of Sleep, is a shady figure wrapped in mystery. His home is on Russiac's moon in the Ocean of Slumber; because not much is known about the moon (not even Erar got up there), it is uncertain whether Renbaku and Hyperion, the God of Insomnia, are two separate gods. Though it is widely accepted that Renbaku is indeed a god of sleep, not much else is known about him. Some portray him as an Atalantite-like alien that feasts on the foliage of your mind; lacking plants, the mind goes into hibernation. Others depict him as a "sleeping cap" that shuts down your brain every night. Some others depict him as a malevolent beast that devours the souls of all beings when they lay down in their beds, only to be defeated by Hyperion at day break.

Those are the myths, but here's the facts. Count Renbaku is a tapir-like artistocratic god who resides in the Land of Dreams, an alternate reality that is also home to his rivaling henchmen, Dreary and Feary (the gods of Dreams and Nightmares respectively). The only way into the Land of Dreams is by entering the Sand Castle on an island in the middle of the Ocean of Slumber or by simply paying tribute to Renbaku. How do you do this? Lay down in your bed and shut your eyes. Renbaku or a Sand Man (they are his minions) will then come to your window (they're faster than Santa Claus!) and vacuum up your consciousness. Ouch, that might hurt! Not really. It can actually be soothing--that is why it feels good to sleep. Renbaku or the Sand Man will then take your mind and all the other minds that have been vacuumed and take everybody to the Land of Dreams.

However, nocturnal animals sleep during the day! So at daybreak Renbaku will send your consciousness back to your head--that way, the daytime sleepers won't be overcrowded in the Land of Dreams.

Renbaku's enemy, Baron van Hyperion, sometimes delays Renbaku from getting to your consciousness. That is why you may not be able to get to sleep sometimes.

But what is in it for Renbaku? When he returns you to your bed, he'll devour the memory of the dream you had. That's why normally you can't remember dreams! Sometimes he won't be as hungry so he'll either eat only part of it or none of it at all. That's why sometimes you can remember your dreams, though not always all of them. Nightmares are toxic to him and he doesn't eat them; that's why you remember them!

Renbaku's hat smokes a hookah much like the Caterpillar from Alice in Wonderland. This is why dreams are sometimes called "hazy." Your dreams aren't REALLY hazy--some of the hat's smoke just wound up sneaking into your mind while Renbaku was devouring your memory!

So next time you wake up from a nice nap, thank Count Renbaku for making it so.
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