Lokni - Lines Picture

This is an original character from my own imagination which I’ve been meaning to get on paper for a while. Its an entry for [link] competition which finally gave me the motivation to whap it on here and cus my figure drawing isn’t the best I hehekindof used some of his drawings for reference :}
This was inspired when I was thinking about loads of food and alcohol I like and channelled it into an anime character… Originally he was going to be a scarecrow (scarecrow beer) witch (wychecraft beer) who used a bow (strongbow) and had a cauldron (cauldron vege sausages) you get the idea… But it was a bit gimmicky so I simplified it. The fox witch was inspired by some Japanese mythology I read up on, hurm and I’m big into Studio Ghibli (who isn’t?) especially the magical films. I know the clothes are quite simply but he is a nomadic witch.

So, his name is Lokni and he is a Fox Witch. He’s 19 so is still learning his trade which is generally travelling round looking for work; his craft is mainly concerned with medicine, charms and dealing with spirits. His magic mainly takes time or preparation to conjure although as a Fox Witch is he always accompanied by his companion fox, called Jingo, who serves as a magical aid. Jingo can turn invisible, possess people, cast small illusions and shapeshift (currently into a deer, squirrel or, with some difficulty, a human).

Lokni’s character is very optimistic and upbeat, although he faces some persecution as a Fox Witch, as do Snake Witches… although generally other kinds are accepted. His personality on the whole is friendly, humorous, clumsy and mischievous but is also quite wise, forgiving and hardened to travel and changing cultures. He’s not one for violence and only scavenges dead animal ingredients with seeking stones, and of course casts a spell to help them on their way. He is often caught in sticky situations though but uses illusions and spells to slip away whilst Jingo usually get stuck in a brawl. Lokni is also a great fan of circles (as magic can easily overwhelm corner!) and therefore wears many bangles and rings (although this is mainly for the chinking sound when he shakes his arms, which he does at any opportunity) and adorns his trousers with circular design to stop sneaky magic slipping up or out without his attention.

Although the majority of his rings don’t posses more than channelling power, two do have special properties. On his left index finger is a ring with a stylized scissor design which gives him the ability to cut objects with his finger (he can also control how long the object is cut for so it can mend again), this he acquired after numerous times held captive. On his left pinky is a small pink orbed ring which he can blow on: releasing a stream of lilac petals that steal victim’s consciousness away for a short period of time. Also in his arsenal of magical items is a cauldron that can change size by drawing a circle with interior lines and casting a spell (the lines and size of the circle dictate the height, width, shape and material) and a bag whose faces allow access to different pockets each the same size of the bag, although it only weights the same as the contents of the open mouth.
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