Dark Enchanted Picture

**This was added in my portfolio and was edited a bit

Final design for the movie poster project I had in my design class. We were told to bring in a random picture of ourself and two random pictures of something we really liked, one day, and our teacher then told us we would be creating the storyline for a movie and then creating the poster for it. So at the bottom I have the storyline in case you're interested.
My picture is at the top, the left is... I think... Guinevere? From a famous painting..... and on the right is a photograph taken from a magazine
***All logos and copyrights at the bottom were strictly for show and are copyrighted to their rightful owners.

Forgot to mention that I have many MANY brushes that I've used from fellow deviants but I fail to remember all of them! Check back on any of my other manipulated pieces to see brushes I've used because almost all of them I'v had and have been using for some time now. If you see a brush you recognize, let me know!


The movie would open with a flashback to the medieval times, some 700 years ago to an almost mystical land where a scene would happen between two of the main characters. The evil queen, Xsatheda, who is a sorceress in her own right, and the sorceress Muireanne, the antagonist, are dueling in the castle. They are both very powerful and weaken each other, but neither are gaining any lead over the other. Each try their own spells and magic on the other, but only come out with mutual damage. In a last ditch effort, instead of trying to kill the evil queen, Muireanne decides to cast a spell instead that puts her in a sort of sleep that makes her appear as if merely a stone statue and causes the spell to last 700 years, seven being a number of goodness. Unfortunately, Muireanne is so drained of strength that she nearly dies herself and instead seeks solitude to recover from the battle. She was never seen again after that. The stone statue of the queen remained and was charmed so it would never break and the eminence from the evilness of the queen is enough to keep nosey discoverers away. 700 years later, a young student of archeology and mythology, Rheanna “Anna”, stumbles upon the statue while investigating a new site with some fellow colleagues. She finds the statue and is intrigued by it and upon closer inspection, soon realizes that at her touch, the statue slowly turns to life. When the evil queen fully awakens from the curse, she sees the young girl and immediately knows her lineage, something about the small tattoo along her eyebrow. She knows that she is an ancient descendant of the sorceress Muireanne. Figuring that her opponent would instill her teachings and magic into her descendants, the queen goes to kill the girl, the only one she deems who can stop her, but finds she is yet too weak, and in a frightful turn of events, gives Anna the chance to escape. The queen mentioned something about the sorceress as she tried to kill the girl, and once the fear passed, Anna did research and found information explaining the two and their role in history. Consulting her professor, an expert in mythological history and magic, she finds that he is well acquainted with the story of the two sorceresses and provides more information as well as telling her that it is rumored that Muireanne is still alive. The queen on the other hand, slowly but surely gains more strength as the days pass and begins to haunt the girl, catching her here and there but always giving just the barest chance of escape, in which she manages every time until she finds a way sort of call up the spirit of the sorceress Muireanne. She is shocked to unexpectedly find the ageless woman at her doorstep. The woman explains their direct heritage and that Anna also possesses the powers that she does, but that they must be unleashed. She says that there is a way the two of them could defeat the evil queen, but they must first find a certain gem, the Orite, to unleash Anna’s powers and combine the two, and to destroy the queen once and for all. Come to find out, the stone is what the two sorceresses were fighting after to begin with. Both were close to finding it, but couldn’t get close enough. They return to the castle where the stone is and the queen is not far behind them. They battle to get the stone and of course, Rheanna and Muireanne succeed in retrieving it and vanquish the queen to the netherworld for eternity.
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