Chihaya Picture

Just a picture a one of my characters Chihaya. He's in the same stroy as a sense..*ahem* Anyways, underneath his name it says Kain who is actual kind of a seprete character....oh I might as well give chihaya's profile so you'll understand. If you're bored, read it.

Name: Chihaya

Age: 16-17

Gender: Male

Class: Cleric

Hair: Silver/white

Eyes: Lavender

Power(s): Basic healing. Later gains the ability to call upon Kain's powers(see below)

Personality: Optimistic but not very self-confident.

Bio: One religion has a story about their God that tells of his two sons; Kain (pronouced like 'kind' without the 'd') and Zeraden (Zer-RAH-den). Kain was loyal to his father, and soon became the symbol of Perfect Order among mortals. Zeraden found his fathers idea's repulsive and became the symbol of Perfect Chaos. The friction between the two sons increased with every passing moment until it seemed that an early Ragnarok would be created by their fighting. Their father, seeing that if either one of them triumphed, the would would fall to evil. Perfect Order prevents the growth of civilizations, eventually causeing them to fall into decay. Perfect Chaos causes too much growth, leading to the destruction of everything. Seeing what could happen, the god reluctantly destroyed his sons with the hopes of protecting the world from their rage. But even demi-gods cannot be destroyed so easily. The spirits of the two child immortals fell to earth and slept, to be awoken eons later by an unknown cause.

Chihaya, unknown to him, is the embodiment of Kain. The only people who know the truth about Chihaya are a few High Preists and preistesses of the afore mention god's order (I haven't come up for a name for him yet). They were warned through supposed visions from the god. Thinking that the only way to prevent the end of the world was to keep chihaya isolated from the world, away from the possible threat of Zeraden's avatar. So they raised Chihaya as a cleric for the order. Eventually, Chihaya grew tired of being constantly order about, moved around and shut away from everything. He decided to run away from the church and view the world through more then just a window.

So yeah.....I got the basic idea for the Kain/Zeraden story from one of my many mythology books. There is a similar story like this for some religion. I couldn't find the book it was in and I don't remember what it was...but when I do I'll say what it was. If I remember it right it was like the good son became like a demi-god while the bad one became a devil type figure.....I added the part about perfect order and chaos and the death part....

Chihaya/Kain/Zeraden (c) to me
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