EAH OC: Narcisse Paon Picture

Here's my Ever After High OC Narcisse Paon, son of Princess Rosette from the fairy tale by the same name. He is frequently mistaken for a girl since he has long hair and he wears pink a lot. He constructs things out of feathers. He is somewhat emotional and really misses his mother while he's away at school.

Name: Narcisse Paon
Age: 14
Parent's Story: Princess Rosette
Alignment: Neutral
Roommate: Kamil Zlotkowski
Secret Heart's Desire: To collect as many feathers as possible.
My "Magic" Touch: I can build stuff out of feathers.
Storybook Romance Status: I'm going out with Catherine Chaton. People mistake us for a lesbian couple sometimes because everyone thinks I look like a girl.
"Oh Curses!" Moment: On a field trip to the beach, I made a float out of phoenix feathers. It accidentally ran into a rock and got destroyed. And I can't even swim...
Favorite Subject: Arts & Crafts. I love creating things.
Least Favorite Subjects: Chemythstry. We have to work with fire, and I get scared.
Best Friend Forever After: My girlfriend Catherine. She enjoys the peacock feathers I wear on my hat. I'm also close with my roommate Kamil.

You can read two versions of Princess Rosette here
Version 1: www.surlalunefairytales.com/au… (this one is closer to the original French version)
Version 2: www.surlalunefairytales.com/au… (Andrew Lang's version in The Red Fairy Book. It's not too different from the first one, except it's easier to read since Lang intended this version for kids.)

Narcisse takes cues from both versions.

- Narcisse's surname means "peacock" in French.
- Narcisse's name refers to the Greek mythological figure Narcissus, from whom the term "narcissism" comes from. Peacocks are often associated with vanity. Narcisse himself is not very vain, despite his appearance suggesting it.
- Narcisse owns a pet peacock named Hippolyte. He used to have a green puppy named Verdi, but he gave Verdi to Kamil. Verdi still gets along well with Narcisse.
- Narcisse has an older sister named Rosalie.
- Narcisse owns three pairs of green satin slippers.
- He frequently calls his mother.
- He is a Neutral because he doesn't know whether he wants to take after his mother, Princess Rosette, or his father, the King of the Peacocks.
- He is autistic and he fidgets a lot. He picks at his skin quite often and he hits himself occasionally.
- His outfit is partially inspired by Nello's outfit in the Dog of Flanders anime.

Here's his Ever After High Fandom Wiki page: everafterhighfandom.wikia.com/…

Narcisse Paon © me
Ever After High © Mattel
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