Goodbye horns and hat Picture

I decided to put on my incomplete Nepeta cosplay to say goodbye to my original hat and horns. As I'm finally, FINALLY, debuting her at Shutcon in April I've decided I want to fix the things I don't like.
I've always hated my hat. Why? Because it's the first hat I've ever made and it just isn't good.
I also made it without the sewing machine. As we bought the t-shirts and I found my jacket at a local thrift store there was really no reason to hunt down a working sewing machine. I was also in the middle of classes so hand sewing allowed me to take the hat to class to work on. Which I did. It intrigued my mythology prof :3

Anyway~ there are a ton of problems with the stitching. Not to mention it's sort of falling apart >_>;
The new one will be much, much better.
I also really don't like my horns. I recently made a pair of horns for a friend and comparing them, those were a lot better! I don't know if I was just being extra careful because I was making them for someone else or I was just used to the process by this point...but they look so much better than mine Dx
Mine are all bumpy and pointed weird and as
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