The Reach of Emerson Kwan Picture

Emerson Kwan, Adelaide Dantespur's South Korean best friend, was one of the most skeptical members of CEDAR much to the rest of the researching team's annoyance. He dismissed the idea of mythological creatures and did not believe that the dead could cross back to the living world in any way. In fact, it was believed he only joined the team because Adelaide was there. This was all changed when the angel Marduk spirited him away while on vacation with fellow team-member Danielle Hui between Hong Kong and Japan, encountering various obakemono along the way. The mission given to the two was to seek out the "Lost Boys" (all of whom actually belonged to a ragged gang of children whose families were cursed by demons so that their spirits could not return to the universe.) During this trip, Emerson learned that he had a sort of allergy to ectoplasm.
His enlightenment also triggered him to question his father's past with his biological mother, who was actually a Kumiho (the Korean equivalent of a Kitsune or shapeshifting fox spirit). Initially unconvinced of his father's answer, he wandered into the forest where he was confronted by two fox spirits that turned out to be twin sisters, though eventually he realized that he was their triplet sibling, and being born a male as a Kumiho/Human hybrid made him naturally a human. Still, the Kumiho blood made it so that he could harness his life-magic (magic created in every living being that maintains the organism's place in the natural universe) and use it to command the elements like any other spirit.
Emerson often boasted of this fact, although it took a while for him to figure out how to use his powers, which strongly resembled telekinesis and chlorokinesis. When he did, he hid it from the team and used it to take his goldfish, ("Lady Hawthorne",) out on "walks" by maintaining a blob of water around her and allowing it to levitate beside him. Adelaide noticed this first, pointing it out even while Emerson lamely tried to convince her that he had no powers.

Because of his powers, Emerson could feel life all around him, making trodding on grass very stressful to him and weeding painful. This also allowed him to feel the thoughts of others around him, so that he not only knew his pet goldfish quite well but would be actively aware of a lack of diplomacy during interviews conducted by CEDAR. (Making him appear a very understanding and persuasive person to those he talked to.)

He acts as the team's main researcher along with Adelaide Dantespur and River Tierney, although the latter was the cameraman.

About the pic: I REALLY like drawing trees.

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