Elfram rinmaru style My OC Picture

Disclaimer: I used a Rinmaru game, this was not sketched by me, I just put the pieces together. I also do not own Hellsing.

Name: Elfram Rollet Hellsing.>>> Age: 12 years.>>> Ethnicity: Scottish, English, Amsterdam, some unknowns.
Eye color: Musky yellow.>>> Hair color: Dark brown (it looks more red in this pic).>>> Height: 4' 10".
Weight; 102 pounds.

Hobbies/Interests: Bookworm (mainly in Mythology), writer, joker (when he's in the mood), making people laugh, hearing stories, telling stories (especially creepypastas).

Personality: He's mainly a shut-in, but if he opens up you will find that he's kind and colorful. Most of the time it seems like he has a heart of ice, but that's just his way of "protecting" those around him. (BIO explains it a little better).

Special notes: Has PTSD (without the inability to control emotions and he can think clearly under pressure) and has OCPD. (Might have overprotective syndrome as well). Second cousin of Integra Fairbrooke Wingates Hellsing.

BIO: Ever since he was three, Elfram has dealt with ra***, murder, bullying, break-ins, and abuse. He swayed to and fro with orphanages, foster homes, and adopted families from these traumatic experiences done to him. Eventually over time he developed a tendency to shut people out in fear that if someone becomes close to him, they will die a gruesome demise. He becomes a bookworm in order to keep himself busy without human interaction, this also gave him a decently high IQ and is able to predict potential tragedies and find ways to prevent them. Like Batman, Elfram has the fear of people dying, but instead he understands that if need be, he would kill anyone out of defense. Elfram wouldn't care if someone were to beat him to death, so long as no one else is in danger. Because of his violent OCPD he was stationed at a behavioral hospital in England for three months. He was later discovered as the lost relative of Integra Fairbrooke Wingates Hellsing and was taken to HQ. Turns out Integra's uncle had some fun with one of Author's prostitutes, but he never knew about the child, then that child had Elfram (details of the genealogy are uncertain/unknown).

Oh wow.... Well, I actually have no idea on how to introduce Elfram into my Hellsing fanfiction. So if you actually manage to read ALL OF THIS I would appreciate the help for ideas. X--D

Update: I figured it out! Also he has hemophobia along with paranoia and haphephodia
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