Takeyoi Festival [PREVIEW] Picture

This Saturday's update is a bit of a work-in-progress. It was going to be the real McCoy - this started out as a speedpaint - but then I started putting in more and more details and wound up with a probably-10-hour-project as a result.

You may notice that there are elements of both drawing and photo here. Reason being that this image started out as a photograph I took at the Usuki Takeyoi Festival waaay back in November. Takeyoi roughly translates to "bamboo lantern," and during these festivals a big chunk of the city streets are lined with bamboo shoots which have been cut into lamps and lit. Tens of thousands of them, all through town. It's an amazing sight.

Unfortunately, because the festival takes place at night and my camera isn't particularly good with low lighting, I had difficulty getting good photos that I could post. While looking for something to draw for this Saturday's update, I stumbled across the folder full of photos I'd taken at the festival, then grabbed this one in the hopes of turning it into a speedpaint/inking study.

To do the actual painting section of things, I opened up a new SAI canvas at 300 PPI, then pulled in the photo and laid down color bases with the Marker tool. Details were filled in with the Pencil at about size 7, with all colors pulled directly from the photo underlay.

What you see here is only 1/4 of the whole canvas. I cropped out a chunk to the left which was mostly negative space, but the lanterns extend way up into the distance and off to the right, as well. Maybe I'll add in some kind of creepy youkai when the backdrop stuff's finished - gotta love mythology, after all.

Since this is only a tiny preview of what will be the whole thing, I figure I'll delete this thing when the final project's finished up, or maybe just move it into scraps depending on how people have reacted to it. At any rate, I've been at this for about 2.5 hours already, and I still haven't showered yet today, so I think I'm going to go wash up and then declare a war against the dishes that are living in the sink. See you all on Wednesday!

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