Language, Text, And Technology Picture

For the seventh and last day of 365-DaysOfDoodles ' drawing challenge, to humanize something! Obviously Captain Technology on the right isn't human, but Language and Text count. xD

These are some re-dos of designs I came up for my DTC 375 class, which studied...language, text, and technology. Go figure.

But in any case, we were given a random assignment between class segments to create a comic based off of our readings, and to create characters for language, text, and technology. So my group (mainly me, since I was the only one with drawing/comic experience) came up with a purposely over-the-top comic starring super-villains Lyra Language and Terrence Text, and the hero Captain Technology.

Lyra was based off of a comment from a group member that she saw language as a beautiful, but deceitful woman. Language can create imagery of great beauty, but words can also be hurtful and false. I figured Terrence Text would be a classy, reserved, gentleman. And Captain Technology I guess was built in the '80s and hasn't recieved any upgrades since.
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