Thestyl and the Peacock Picture

I was working on mythological background that the Ael (i guess I should term it as their psuedo-history). Peacocks are a sacred symbol to the ael since it represents the form in which Caalach first appears to Doma.

"Nuna crept past the guards and stole Doma from her prison and took her to wife. When one left, the other would come and take Doma. Sorely grieved, Doma refused food or drink and desired only to return home to her father, the Great Oak. There only two brief periods of time in which the brothers did not meet her. One of these times, a great blue peacock approached cautiously. Pleased by his beauty,she offered him the bread and he ate happily. She found the company of the bird to help heal the wounds of her spirit and made her eager for the few moments between the meeting of Nuna and Canu.

Despite her cheer, her beauty was fading for there were no trees on the island and without the forests, she would surely perish. Knowing the brothers would not take this into account, the peacock attempted to led her away from her place on the rock. Seeing the peacock was going to fly, Doma wept.
"Oh why do you leave alone on this cold stone? Have I affended your being?"
Saddened by her plea, the peacock turned her into a white peahen and they fled the island and took refuge in a large tree."

"The taking of Doma"- first draft.

Once I do some polishing I will post them in the Sanctum forums for viewing pleasure!

Anyways, to make a long story short, to gift a person a peacock, especially a mating pair is offer a gift of good fortune and fertility. I figure Thestyl would be gifted with a pair and knowing how birds are when it comes to free food, this scene seemed inevitable.

Done with watercolor and gouche.
Email me if you are interested in prints.
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