Mystress the Protectress Picture

The first in my Alteregos series. All are me in different forms with different names and from different fandoms.

This one is from Myst. Here is her bio:

Name: Mystress
Age: Unknown, records indicate that she should be almost 25 by now.
Appearance: Brown hair, ice blue eyes. Wears a black cloak and D'ni-style plain white robes. She also wears bangles on both arms and sandals.
Personality: Little is known about her, but those who have had the fortune to meet her say that she is very kind and compassionate, even witty.

Bakground: Mystress is a figure shrouded in mystery. To many residents of the ages she has visited, she is seen as a mythological being, a goddess, or even a ghost; to others, she is a normal person. Many have claimed her to be the Stranger of lore who has helped so very many. The truth, however, is far stranger. Many years ago, before Mystress was born, fighting broke out on her mother's home age of Riven. Frightened, her mother (who secretly knew how to write Ages) gathered her things and jumped into the Star Fissure, landing safely on what we now know to be Earth. There, she made a home and raised Mystress. One day, when Mystress was in her early teens, she wandered off into the desert, never to be seen again. In truth, Mystress had found a linking book to Myst Island and had followed it. After freeing Atrus, she lived on Myst Island for a very long time, fending for herself mostly. This made her agile, and the puzzles she solved in the many worlds she visited made her sharp of mind. Ten years after her arrival, she visited another Age (the name of it remains unknown) and never came back. Many thought her to be dead, but she has been seen alive countless times, making her one of the D'ni Revival era's greatest mysteries.

I don't own Myst, but I do own Mystress.
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