Vexilla regis prodeunt inferni Picture

The Big Art Project (tm) is finally COMPLETE! I am unfeasibly proud of this piece. It's a long time since I've done something meaningful and I've not done mixed media collages before so... yeah.

Sorry about the lousy picture quality, I'll endeavour to get a better shot tomorrow, I'm just so pleased with it I had to submit it now.

Anyway. The title means "the banners of the king of Hell approaches", it's from Dante's Inferno, "banners" referring to his wings. I thought it was appropriate. I'm not a Christian but I love christian mythology... Paradise Lost, medieval grimoires, all that kinda thing.

About the picture itself... he's a daemon, obviously, he may even be the devil himself.His wings are made from dozens of hands cut from magazines; his halo is a very scratched CD adorned with home-made barbed wire and shiny things; the "fabric" is acrylics on card with sequin, lace and bead accents; the background is acrylics over torn up passages from a Bible (one of those Gideon's ones they give you whenever you so much as look at a Church) all related to sin and the devil and what-have-you, with some stickers of insects (Lord of the Flies... see?) and embroidered occult symbols . Around the edge is another quotation from the Inferno (the inscription above the gates in Canto III). The figure himself is watercoloured. It all took a hell (haha) of a lot of work and a stupidly long time but each part is significant to its overall me anyway.

It's about the concept of evil, and the clash, as I see it, between personal belief and doctrine, mainly. Some other issues worked their way in there as I was doing it, I kept adding things.

Any feedback is very welcome.

PS: embroidering on canvas is my new favourite thing. If I hadn't run out of the gold thread the whole thing would be crawling with the stuff.

(Edited several times because at one in the morning I fail at spelling)
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