Eurynomos Picture

Wow... This didn't take long to draw, but I was incredibly lazy about uploading it. Anyhow, this is Eurynomos, a psychopomp. In Greek Mythology, Eurynomos is the name of a minor figure that lives in the Underworld, and is the spirit of rotting corpses. Traditionally, Eurynomos is male. Eurynomos's name also appears in the Satanic Bible, albeit it is mis-spelled "Euronymous". One of the members of the classic, Nowegian black metal band, Mayhem, who is now deceased, took the name "Euronymous", with the same mis-spelling as in the Satanic Bible.

Anyhow, I depict Eurynomos as a loli. Yes, a loli. She buries the dead souls. She is not especially powerful, but she is very tenacious and has a lot less restraint with the use of her powers and magic than most spirits at the same level as her. Additionally, she can turn into a giant monster made of corpses. Her powers are mostly cold and death related. She also pretends to be a lot more mature than she really is. However, despite her incredibly youthful appearance, she is over 3 million years old.
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